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[team four] let the wind blow

Finally I had time to write! Got inspired by a Finnish artist Jenni Vartiainen and her song "Missä muruseni on".

There's nothing to say when the only company along with oneself are the empty rooms and quiet walls. It was a rare event to have the whole dorm empty but that's what Jinyoung had been greeted by when he had opened the front door after the busy day with his individual schedule. Apparently hectic promotion from last month had taken its toll on all the members so if they hadn't headed home for their parents (like Mark, Bambam and Youngjae) they were somewhere meeting old friends (like Jaebum and Yugyeom) or were working on their individual activities (like Jackson and Jinyoung did all the time anyway).

Jinyoung sighed. The break was indeed needed and especially after all the recognition they had accomplished by working as hard as they could and finally winning first prizes from the various music stages. However, Jinyoung couldn't help the small voice inside his head admitting he missed his members and he missed them all being together. Sore legs, pain in the muscles, sleepless nights and whatnot but that was when Jinyoung truly felt he was in the right place.

Jinyoung tossed his bag on the couch. Youngjae had taken even their Coco with him so the silence was oppressive, and although Coco wasn't perhaps the biggest fan of Jinyoung and vice versa Jinyoung felt their little doggy's company would have been more than welcome at that moment. Jinyoung would have loved hearing Jackson and Bambam snickering somewhere, Jaebum wandering around the kitchen with futile energy, Youngjae teaching Coco new tricks, Yugyeom watching Youtube videos about street dancing and making critical comments on them. And Jinyoung would have loved the silence he and Mark always shared, snuggled up in the corner of Jinyoung's bed, and Mark would be sleeping and Jinyoung maybe reading. Jinyoung missed feeling Mark's warm side against his.

The empty apartment was suffocating.

With that thought Jinyoung walked by the window to open it to get some fresh air. He watched the magnificent sight of Seoul with all the millions of little lights lighting up the breathtaking scenery. It was still warm, the air was standing and Jinyoung couldn't feel even the lightest breeze of the wind. He checked the time from his wrist watch; it was almost 9PM which meant it was 5AM in California so Mark was tightly asleep and wouldn't answer his phone even though Jinyoung would try calling him. Jackson wouldn't be finished with his variety program schedule before the morning of the next day so he wouldn't come and cheer up Jinyoung with his everlasting merry company. The others hadn't told any fixed time they would be back at dorm but Jinyoung wasn't really expecting anyone to show up before the next week.

Suddenly the magic happened.

Jinyoung wasn't sure if he imagined everything or if that really happened but he felt the brief soothing breeze against his cheek. It tickled him as if the fingerprints were carefully playing with the skin and someone telling he wasn't alone and everything was alright. The magical moment was over as fast as it had happened but Jinyoung could tell his heart was feeling immediately a bit lighter.

They would meet soon again.


After turning around in his bed for a good while Mark had finally admitted he couldn't sleep so he had ended up carefully tiptoeing through the house and had sneaked outside without waking up his family. California was as hot as ever and the sweaty atmosphere wasn't gone even in the middle of the night.

At the patio he looked up to the sky.

There were 5969 miles between them but in such a dim twilight Mark started thinking about the members and especially Jinyoung who had jokingly complained about a solitude he would need to face. Even though it had been said with such a light tone Mark knew Jinyoung and he also knew that although the other sincerely appreciated his own time he also enjoyed living with them and wouldn't change it for anything. So Mark had suspected Jinyoung would maybe start feeling lonely at some point. And he felt sorry for that. Mark was more than happy to see his family and spend time with them but at night like this he couldn't help thinking of Jinyoung.

The starts were already gone as the break of dawn would be there soon but Mark secretly hoped he would see the shooting star so he could wish upon it. He wanted to send a breeze of wind all the way to Korea and that small breeze would meet Jinyoung, maybe play a little with his hair and tickle the skin of the cheek, telling him how much he missed him and finally reminding that they all would laugh together sooner than Jinyoung would even realize.

The shooting star never came but Mark still sent the wish just in case there was someone up there hearing him. Maybe the wind would blow where his heart was.

They would meet soon again.

onyu, you're up! :)
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