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[team one] sharing is caring

Warlock Hakyeon and faerie Jaehwan from my AU, sharing chocolate. Through kissing, of course..

A soft, encouraging moan escapes Hakyeon’s lips when Jaehwan licks into his mouth. He tastes like chocolate, rich and delicious, the best faerie chocolate one can find; it makes Hakyeon’s head spin. He grabs Jaehwan by the front of his shirt and presses himself closer, eager to taste more of it, more of Jaehwan.

It ends up toppling them over on the sofa, and Jaehwan’s oof as Hakyeon lands on top of him makes Hakyeon laugh softly. There’s a twinkle in Jaehwan’s eye as he smiles back up at him. Hakyeon can’t take that, he can’t handle that smile or how it makes him feel; he buries his face in Jaehwan’s neck and waits for his heartbeat to slow down. Surely Jaehwan can hear it racing, but he’s nice enough to not say anything because he knows how Hakyeon gets when his heart starts to beat too fast, knows that he doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Hakyeon appreciates that.

“More?” Jaehwan asks after a minute; Hakyeon hums affirmative, and feels Jaehwan shifting underneath him, reaching out for something at the table. He looks up just as the faerie puts a piece of chocolate between his lips and gazes at him expectantly. Hakyeon leans in, kisses the corner of his mouth once before kissing him properly, tasting the chocolate on his tongue.

It’s imbued with just a little bit of faerie magic, enough for a small high, and the mix of the chocolate and Jaehwan almost makes him dizzy, the heady taste overwhelming. He moans against Jaehwan’s lips, intoxicated, hands splayed over his chest as he kisses him again, desperately wanting more.

Jaehwan runs his tongue across Hakyeon’s chocolate-stained lips and hums in satisfaction. “This is good,” he says softly, letting out a quiet noise when Hakyeon begins to kiss his jaw. Then Hakyeon pulls off him and reaches out for another piece of chocolate himself, popping it into his mouth. He shouldn’t - the more he eats, the more muddled his mind gets, which is why he’s been having small tastes only - but it’s delicious, and he sees Jaehwan’s eyes focus hungrily on him as he moans at the taste. Suddenly, Jaehwan growls and pulls him down into another kiss; Hakyeon laughs into his mouth, letting the magic take over his head a little, because it feels so good, so free. Jaehwan grinds his hips against Hakyeon’s, and Hakyeon’s breath stutters, a light gasp escaping him as he returns it.

“God, Jaehwan, you drive me absolutely mad,” he breathes, tugs on Jaehwan’s lower lip with his teeth. The faerie looks so gorgeous underneath him; hair messed up, a light flush on his cheeks, lips kiss-swollen and eyes dark.

He smiles at Hakyeon, not widely. “It’s the chocolate,” he says and kisses Hakyeon once. “You shouldn’t have eaten a whole piece yourself.”

Hakyeon shakes his head. “No, this isn’t the chocolate,” he replies, running a hand through the other’s hair, and then concedes, “Well, maybe a little. But you really do drive me mad. Kiss me again.”

Jaehwan does, and Hakyeon eagerly swallows the moan he lets out as Hakyeon tugs on his hair. The stars Hakyeon sees behind his eyelids when Jaehwan has another piece of chocolate and kisses him again are beautiful; and just being like this right now, Jaehwan and Hakyeon, it feels perfect.

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