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[Team Three] Out of the blue

Hello shiritoriland, it has been a while.
It has also been a while since I've written anything JE.

This was loosely inspired by the latest Snow Man Myojo shoot but you don't really have to see the shoot to read this.

"It's stupid to be jealous when you're all mine." Five pairs of eyes in the room turn to look at him almost simultaneously and life seems to stop for a few long moments.

Iwamoto blinks and looks like he’s trying to comprehend the things he’s just heard. Sakuma’s mouth is open in a small but growing ‘o’. The clothes Watanabe was busy putting away slip from his hands and drop onto the floor while he stares, eyes widened in surprise. Miyadate just looks amused beyond everything and hides a smug smile behind a magazine again.

Fukazawa looks completely floored and his mouth is opening and closing without a sound coming out. He’s fighting a rare moment of speechlessness. Those don’t occur often, so Abe doesn’t blame the other for needing a bit of time to deal with them.

In the end all that comes from Fukazawa’s lips is his name. “Ryohei.”

A part of Abe feels all proud at his handiwork. Putting this kind of expression on Fukazawa’s face (needless to say the rest of his unit) isn’t an easy feat after all. Plus, he feels like he’s grown a little more again, taken another step on the long climb towards being a proper adult.

Life around them resumes as the rest of the group goes back to minding their own business, clearly sensing that this was a private moment and that they shouldn’t pry - just yet. Abe was pretty sure they’d all poke him or Fukazawa for details and the full story later. For the time being though, he and the other were left in a small bubble reserved just for themselves.

Despite that, Fukazawa grabbed his hands and tugged him away, so that they could talk a little more privately. None of them minded their group knowing but well, sometimes it was nice to at least get a bit of time to prepare before facing them all.

“What was that all about?” Fukazawa finally blurts out when he deems them far away enough.

Abe tilts his head over, feigning ignorance.

“What brought this on? This didn’t just come out of the blue, did it?” Now Fukazawa is grabbing his shoulders and pushing him against the wall. “Ryohei?”

A smile curls up the corner of Abe’s lips. “You brought it on yourself. You were looking at me with that half-goofy and half-guilty expression after you touched Hikaru all over for the photoshoot. So I thought it’s put things straight. Tatsuya.” Shifting slightly to get more comfortable, Abe brings a leg forward slightly and it brushes against the inside of Fukazawa’s thigh and he can feel the other shiver ever so slightly.

“Did my words /bother/ you?”

Fukazawa makes a sound that is somewhere between a growl and a laugh and sounds both turned on and frustrated at the same time. There’s a little bit of mirth in his eyes when he looks straight into Abe’s own. “Who are you and what have you done to Abe-chan?”

“Nothing he didn’t like.” Abe replies nonchalantly which draws soft laughter from Fukazawa before the other leans in and closes the gap between them.

Abe’s eyes flutter and fall shut when he feels Fukazawa’s warm and soft lips on his and lets his body do the rest. With the other’s hands still on his shoulders, his own hands have nowhere to go but Fukazawa’s hips, so that’s where he rests them for the time being. His fingers curl into the fabric of the other’s clothes and pull the older male closer ever so slightly.

He calculates quickly in his head. They have fifteen minutes until they need to go back.

You're up talisa_ahn
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