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[Team six] Breathe

A piece for my Dungeons and Dragons au (multiple groups). I have posted some drabbles to it already, so if you want to check that out just look here uvu It might also be a bit of context to what the hell is going on here haha. This can be read separately tho, so no worries!

Weakling. The word echoed in Taehyung's mind. He had been weak. He had given up. He had let everyone down. He raised a hand to dry his tears away. He was supposed to be a guide when people were lost. He wasn't supposed to get lost himself. He stared at his hands, at the red markings covering his skin.


The cleric, Jaehwan, had told him that he would have to carry the markings of an oathbreaker until his goddess deemed him worthy again.

"Sometimes," a voice interrupted his thoughts and Taehyung jumped in surprise, turning his head to see Jaehwan standing in the doorway. The temple had been so kind and allowing him to take one of the empty guestrooms for the time being. "Sometimes, the deities decides to leave the markings for a long time. Not because you're not worthy, but to remind you of what you stand for and also as a sign that you're not alone. Our goddess is always with us. You wouldn't have the markings if she had turned her back to you."

Taehyung swallowed the lump in his throat, more tears welling up in his eyes. Jaehwan carefully approached him, sitting down beside him.

"You didn't break your oath willingly," Jaehwan said and Taehyung sniffed, drying his tears. He hadn't meant to break it. He just couldn't... do it. "Being weak isn't wrong, we're all weak sometimes. We're only mortals."

amaxingbaek ! ur turn bb, have fun!
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