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[team four] second chances

Life-changing people are rare in Jimin's books. He can count them in one hand and, even then, five fingers is too much. There's really only Taehyung, who became his best friend from the moment he met him and who always reminds him that he should be more confident in himself and love himself more. Then there's Namjoon, who continues to teach him just how to love: other people, his job, life, who never fails to show him that it's okay to stumble, as long as you get right back up. Between the both of them, Jimin met friends he believes are really for keeps, Jeongguk, Hoseok, Seokjin. And then there's Yoongi. Thinking about him still brings a smile to Jimin's face. Yoongi was the person whom Jimin applied all he's learned from Taehyung and Namjoon and more.

With Yoongi, Jimin knew what it was like to fall, stumble and not get back up because it hurt too much.

He bits back a smile as Taehyung and Jeongguk hover over Yoongi, grabbing his bags and carrying them for him, while Namjoon tries and fails not to do the same. Yoongi has just really been gone for too long and they all missed him. Even so, Jimin falls a little ways back. He's not sure whether he's welcome. Music isn't the only reason Yoongi left after all.


Jimin startles and looks up from where he's started staring at the floor at the thought that he might not be welcome after all. Yoongi's standing in front of him, alone. Looking around them, Jimin finds Jeongguk and Taehyung following Namjoon to the entrance, Yoongi's bags on their backs. When Jimin turns to look at Yoongi, he's still standing there, just looking at him.

"Hey," Jimin speaks up, curling his fingers back in his sweater sleeves as he takes a small step backwards. "Uh, welcome back."

Yoongi smiles at him and it's that really cute, gummy smile that makes his eyes crinkle on the corners. It's also the smile that makes Jimin swallow, his faltering smile breaking even further and his heart pounding in his chest. It's that exact smile that made the butterflies in Jimin's tummy flutter and made him second-guess everything.

"I didn't think you'd be here," Yoongi says, lifting one shoulder up in a half shrug. "I mean I knew you'd be at Seokjin's--Taehyung made a point of telling me that over and over in his texts. But, well, you're here at the airport." His eyes move across Jimin's face as he shoves his hands in his pants pockets.

"I decided I would be here since I didn't see you off when you left..." Jimin says, trailing off, his eyes moving all over his face as well, except his eyes. He just can't seem to keep eye contact, not when he's afraid of what he will--or won't--find.

It's been two and a half years. Yoongi wanted answers then and Jimin had none, except more questions. Now, maybe he had the answers. But he's not entirely sure Yoongi is still asking the same questions or whether he still wants to.

"I just thought..." Jimin starts again, pauses and then chuckles, running a hand through his hair. "I really don't know what I thought." Heart pounding in his chest, he meets Yoongi's eyes. "I guess I just wanted to see you. And talk to you. You haven't--we haven't--" He chuckles, taking another step back, biting his lower lip. They hadn't kept in touch. Jimin knew about how he was doing through the others, but Yoongi never sent him an email or a text. Jimin didn't think he deserved to make the effort.

"I just figured we needed the time to think about what we both wanted," Yoongi explains, taking one of his hands out of his pockets and then clenching it before wiping it down on his pants. "And I finally know what I actually want. This time I'm sure of it." His gaze on Jimin is unwavering.

Jimin is flinching before he realizes he's doing it. He's taking another couple of steps back, wringing his hands, his sleeves falling to cover them. Of course. Of course Yoongi would finally realize what he wants after spending time away from Jimin and it's him. It's not Jimin. He covers his mouth with his sweater paws, forcing out a laugh. Maybe he shouldn't have come. Maybe it was better that Jimin just stayed back at Seokjin's, that way he had the easy option of leaving before Yoongi arrived.

"Well," Jimin continues his forced laughter. "I'm glad." He glances behind them and finds the others gone. "I think we should go. They're probably waiting for us--" Yoongi catches his wrist before Jimin could get away. "What?" he asks, freezing.

"I wanted to tell you something," Yoongi hurries, glancing behind Jimin before turning his attention back to him. "Before we find the others." He drops Jimin's wrist and Jimin takes it back safely into his sleeve. "Listen, I know I just got back and this is too soon and might be too much pressure, but we never talked all this time and there's just so much I want to say."

Jimin furrows his brows in confusion. "Like what?" As far as he knows, there isn't anything left to say. Especially if things have changed.

"Like I'm in love with you, for starters," Yoongi blurts out. "I'm still in love with you. And I'm still waiting--I'll continue to wait for you for as long as you'll allow me to."

Jimin's heart drops to his stomach and jumps right back up his throat. "But... you said..." He swallows and takes a deep breath. "You said you finally know what you want."

"I do," Yoongi said, frowning. "And it's you. Like it's always been." Jimin makes a face at him and slaps Yoongi's arm. "Ow! What was that for?" he asks, rubbing his arm.

"You couldn't have just said that earlier? You couldn't have just told me you were still in love with me right off the bat?" Jimin complains, pouting. "I thought you'd changed your mind. I thought you'd already moved on and wanted to tell me to do the same. I was ready for it."

"Why would you--?" Yoongi shakes his head. "I haven't changed my mind and I haven't moved on. Of course I don't want you to move on, I want you to--" He blinks and stares at Jimin, his eyes widening.

"What?" Jimin asks, feeling self-conscious. He curls his fingers on the cuffs of his sweater.

"Move on?" Yoongi repeats. "You... haven't? What...?"

Jimin ducks his head to hide the blush that's surely covering his entire face. He just had to let that slip. "I... haven't," he confirms, breathing deeply. He squeezes his eyes shut and looks at Yoongi. It's now or never. "I want the same things as you do. I think I've always have but I was just too scared to admit it," he confesses, sucking his lower lip in his mouth. "I'm sorry, Yoongi. I shouldn't have been so stubborn or stupid scared. If I haven't been, then maybe things wouldn't be like this."

Yoongi is grinning. It makes Jimin's tummy turn somersaults. He likes it when Yoongi is happy. "I don't know. I quite like how things are right now," he admits. He holds his hand out and Jimin's breath catches in his throat when he takes it. He can't believe that this is happening. Yoongi still wants him, still loves him. "Hey," Yoongi says, voice almost a whisper as he touches Jimin's chin. "I'm back. I'm here for good. For you."

Life-changing people. It still amazes him how Yoongi is one of the few. Maybe the most special. Jimin can believe that he still has him in his life and exactly the way he was hoping he would be.

Jimin whimpers and rushes into Yoongi's arms. "I love you," he says, muffled into Yoongi's shoulder.

Yoongi chuckles and presses a kiss to the side of his head.

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