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[Team 2] Untitled

I'm sorry this is so late! Inspired by Yabu saying he was getting teary while announcing JUMP's New Year's concerts ♥

Perhaps for right now, words were unnecessary, anyway, Yabu thought, looking around at his groupmates cheering and high-fiving and hugging each other excitedly. At times like these, he felt like he should say something meaningful to the group, as the oldest member, but right now his mind felt like it had been wiped blank of anything besides the news the management just told them: they were going to have their very own Tokyo Dome concerts over New Year’s, inherited directly from Kinki Kids. And even if he had had something to say, he was starting to feel a little choked up, and the words probably wouldn’t have come, anyway. So instead he rejoined the group, high-fiving everyone before settling with his arm around Takaki, and as he watched everyone, he was sure he wasn’t the only one with a few tears in his eyes. They were all happy to have made it to this point together as JUMP, and for now, Yabu thought, that was enough.

ceeri, you're up!
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