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[TEAM ONE] Team Bonding Trip VII

The darkness lifts slowly as the dawn settles in.

It’s the first dawn Kyulkyung has been able to look at clearly, to watch, since before Produce 101. Before the show she was always practising, during the show she was always trying to do everything harder, be prettier, be more. There were sleepless nights, but none spent looking at the dawn.

But right now, on the first day of their trip, Kyulkyung doesn’t need to be anywhere, or do anything. She knows that she should probably be conserving her energy for the busy and energetic days ahead, but too few hours of sleep have conditioned her to being awake too early. It’s peaceful, and pretty, and the warm colours soothe her aching heart and limbs. She’ll be aching even more later.

They’re on the start of a new adventure, but at least she doesn’t need to be anywhere for the next few days.

There’s a rustle from behind her and Nayoung crawls out of the tent, settling beside Kyulkyung with a warm smile on her face and delight in her eyes. Kyulkyung thinks Nayoung is prettiest like this, when she’s unpolished and unaware, and nobody is looking at her—except Kyulkyung, of course.

“This is beautiful,” Nayoung breathes out.

Kyulkyung looks up at the sky again. “Yeah,” she whispers. “It really is.”

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