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[Team Three] To lend a helping hand

Reading his book while Taiga and Jesse fought over who got the first shower usually worked in Hokuto’s favour, but today the two seemed to have solved their argument in a different manner and the moans drifting over from the shower were just a tiny bit distracting. Cheeks slowly turning pink, Hokuto tried very hard to ignore the sounds. He knew that moan - Jesse only moaned like that when someone played with his balls juuust right. He recognized that groan too - it was the sound Taiga made when someone bit his shoulder and hit that one especially sensitive spot.

There was no way to stay calm with those sounds drifting through the wall and those images invading his mind. With a sigh, Hokuto put the book down. There was no way he could read now. He palmed his already hard dick through his sweatpants, his soft moans adding to the sounds of sex.

The door slammed open. “Can I borrow your phone charger?” Juri asked before taking in the situation. He kicked the door shut quickly, all the while looking Hokuto over.

Hokuto had his shirt pushed up and was pinching his nipples, while his pants were pushed down so he could stroke his dick. He’d frozen when Juri entered, but under Juri’s appreciative eyes he continued, his hand sliding slowly up and down his dick.

Setting his phone aside, Juri stepped up close to Hokuto, close enough that Hokuto could feel the heat of his body. Juri’s hand closed over Hokuto’s, stopping the motion. “Lemme help you out, hm?”

It was barely a question, but Hokuto nodded anyway, allowing Juri to pull his hand away. Juri sank to his knees, licking his lips, and then there was glorious heat and slick touches of Juri’s tongue, driving all thought away from Hokuto’s mind. Juri definitely knew what he was doing, sucking Hokuto’s dick with skillful easy.

All Hokuto could do was moan, moan and dig his fingers into Juri’s soft hair. He couldn’t even hear the noises from the shower anymore, except for the occasional wail from Taiga. Taiga only ever wailed like that when he was getting fucked from behind, the only position that could reduce him to a needy mess. It was a good thing Juri liked to have his hair pulled, because Hokuto wasn’t sure he could have stopped himself with the images of Jesse pounding Taiga against the shower wall fresh in his mind.

There was no way Hokuto could last. He gasped out a warning, but Juri didn’t draw back, continuing to suck and lick until Hokuto came with a groan. Juri swallowed every drop of Hokuto’s come, then licked his lips as if he wanted more.

Hokuto dragged his eyes back open as Juri climbed into his lap, straddling him. From close up, Juri was even prettier than usual, though that might have been the afterglow clouding Hokuto’s mind. Juri leaned in for a kiss and Hokuto kissed back eagerly, not at all minding the taste of his own come on Juri’s lips. When Juri cupped his jaw, Hokuto leaned into the touch, eyes fluttering shut again. He enjoyed kissing and Juri was an especially good kisser, taking the lead without being too pushy about it, making Hokuto feel all warm and glowy.

Juri curled his fingers around Hokuto’s wrist, drawing Hokuto’s hand towards his crotch. It was only then that Hokuto realized he hadn’t done anything yet to return the favour, but Juri wouldn’t let him break the kiss to apologize. Hokuto quickly pulled Juri’s sweatpants down, freeing his dick. Juri’s dick was hot and hard under his touch, quite perfect. The moans Juri muffled against Hokuto’s lips were quite encouraging, so Hokuto stroked faster, remembering to flick his wrist in that way Juri preferred.

The noises from the shower reached a final with one last wail from Taiga and then subsided, so Hokuto stroked faster, brushing his thumb over the tip of Juri’s dick occasionally until Juri was panting too hard to kiss properly. Breaking the kiss, Juri buried his face against the side of Hokuto’s neck, clinging closely. Juri only clung like that right before orgasm, so Hokuto made sure to keep his hand steady, stroking steadily even as Juri’s hips bucked and Juri’s come spurted over his fingers.

Panting for breath, Juri sat up to grin at Hokuto, who raised his hand to lick Juri’s come from his fingers. “Damn, Hokku, that’s hot,” Juri groaned, a last shiver running through his body.

Hokuto grinned back, pleased at the praise. He leaned in for a kiss, sharing the taste of Juri’s semen. Even dizzy from orgasm, Juri’s kissing was superb, stealing Hokuto’s breath with ease. Hokuto took his time about it, kissing Juri thoroughly until Juri stopped shivering.

“Sounds like the shower’s free now,” Juri murmured against Hokuto’s lips. “Wash my back?”

Next up is mousapelli!
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