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[team three] Blurb

kira_shadow had to skip and I got overwhelmed at work and almost had to pass too so this is more of a blurn than anything else.  A vignette if you will.  Takes place the day Kitayama went to go see A.B.C-Z this summer.

“Someday,” Kitayama mumbles as soon as he hears the door shut.  “Someday, I won’t have to shoo that brat off.”

Totsuka chuckles, balancing his book with one hand so he can thread his fingers through Kitayama’s hair, his head resting in his lap.  "I'm not sure if that was even a shooing.  All you did was give him a look."

"I'm trying to nap here," Kitayama yawns.

Totsuka's fingernails scratch his scalp a little, earning a sound of appreciation.  “You can’t possibly feel threatened by Ryosuke.”

“Of course not,” Kitayama scoffs as if he’s insulted by the thought.  And it’s true.  He can admit now that he’d been irritated by the way Hashimoto used to cling to Totsuka when A.B.C-Z was first formed.  Okay.  Maybe he’d been more than a little <i>irritated</i>, but the past is the past.  He moves himself into a more comfortable position.  “I do, however, take pleasure seeing him squirm.”

Totsuka hums softly to that and goes back to reading his book.

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