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[team one] disruption

Yet another unfinished thing because I really wanted to write something. This is the first part I write for a Sense8 AU I've been thinking of! Hakyeon gets a migraine while performing and gets a brief glimpse of a stranger.

"Of all the times to have technical problems."

"It must be so embarrassing."

"Give them some time to fix it, I'm sure the performance will blow our minds once they do."

In the darkness of the stage Hakyeon closes his eyes, listening to the murmurs from the audience as he waits, waits for the staff to fix the lighting and sound. He stays frozen in his starting position and tries to ignore the way his head is pounding, he has to remember the choreography when his performance starts or he's fucked.

"He looks nervous," he hears someone say.

Thanks for pointing it out, Hakyeon thinks sarcastically. He hasn't been nervous like this in a long time, but he's never had a headache like this ever, he thinks. It's a terrible migraine that came out of nowhere and he wishes his performance would be over already so he could go home and sleep it off. However, due to the issues the performance hasn't even started yet. At least when it does, he can get lost in the music, in moving his body the way he likes, and temporarily forget about his problems.

Finally, he sees movement backstage, a staff member giving him a thumbs up. He nods his head just so, and the staff member gives the starting cue.

As the music begins to play, Hakyeon slowly moves his body, remembers how he felt the music when he started making the choreography. Dancing makes him feel so free, free from real life, from daily worries. It’s a relief, to have the words of the audience melting away as he spins, and then comes to a stop, facing the spectators.

The headache is far from gone, he notices at once. It’s only a few seconds into the dance. His head hurts, and it’s so hard to focus on the music when it’s starting to feel like someone is yelling into his ear. The music slowly becomes too loud, too harsh. He squeezes his eyes shut for a moment, and flinches when, as he opens them, he briefly finds himself in a bright room.

What the-

But he is back on the stage before he can register much other than a young man sitting bent over a desk.

Maybe, if he’s hallucinating, this migraine is worse than he thought. Maybe he should go to the doctor.

Afterwards, he decides. His brief break in the music is over. He must continue.

carpesoo it's you!
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