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[Team Sonic] Not at all drunk

Starting words from here XD

"Especially when you're drunk."

“I’m not cute!” Abe argued drunkenly, eyes glassy and cheeks pink. “You only think because YOU are drunk.”

“Uh huh, if you say so,” Sakuma giggled, poking Abe’s cheek with his index finger.

Abe tried to swat Sakuma’s finger away but instead whacked his own nose. “Ow…”

“Cuteee,” Watanabe giggled, seeming almost as drunk as Abe even though he’d stuck to soda.

“NOT,” Abe argued, huffing. A snicker made him turn on Miyadate. “What are you snickering?” he demanded.

“I’m not laughing at you,” Miyadate reassured him, eyes amused but face fake-serious.

“Good.” Abe huffed again. “Everyone stupid.” He climbed over Sakuma, knocking Sakuma’s glass over in the process and proceeded to sit in Miyadate’s lap. “Hey.” Abe blinked at Miyadate from close up, wrinkling his forehead in thought. “You aren’t supposed to be this close.”

Miyadate patted Abe’s thigh reassuringly. “Shota doesn’t mind.”

“It’s cuteee,” Watanabe agreed. “You two should kiss!”

“M’kay,” Abe agreed, leaning in for a kiss. He was too drunk to get it right at first try, so he kissed Miyadate’s cheek, the tip of his nose and his chin while Miyadate held still patiently. When Abe’s lips finally met Miyadate’s, Miyadate got a hand in Abe’s hair to keep Abe there before he could get lost again. Abe’s kiss was a lot more sloppy than usual - he licked at Miyadate’s lips enthusiastically, and when Miyadate opened his mouth, Abe used the chance to deepen the kiss.

Watanabe whistled, more than okay with that. It was always hot to see Miyadate kissing someone else, but aggressively drunk Abe was a pleasant surprise. “Hot damn.”

Abe broke the kiss to blink at Watanabe. “Did you call me cute?”

“Not just now,” Watanabe laughed, reaching out to touch Abe’s pink cheeks.

“Good, cause I’m not cute,” Abe explained, leaning into the touch. He leaned so far that he nearly toppled over, only saved by Miyadate’s arm. He looked seriously at Watanabe. “Be careful, the couch moves. It’s dangerous.”

“Oh noes, who is going to save me?” Watanabe giggled. It wasn’t exactly clear if he was drunk enough to believe Abe or if he was just playing along for the fun of it.

“Me,” Abe declared, leaning over to press his lips against Watanabe’s. This time, he succeeded at the second try.

Watanabe kissed back just as enthusiastically, wrapping his arms around Abe so that Abe was squished between Watanabe and Miyadate.

When the kiss broke, Watanabe grinned at Miyadate over Abe’s shoulder. “Hey, lets do this some time when Abecchi isn’t too drunk to get it up.”
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