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[team five] so much for dinner

sukai domestric drabble that was supposed to be fluffy but ended up sort of smutty?

93rdfragment, it's your turn!

“Time to go, hyung,” Jongin said as he walked in the direction of the bathroom. They had to be at the restaurant in half an hour, and the drive took close to twenty minutes—not including the time they’d need to find a parking space. They really had to go.

“Almost done,” Suho said, frowning as he slipped his left arm into the sleeve of the white button-down. He was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, an uncapped bottle of aftershave on the counter in front of him. Jongin had given it to him last Christmas, Kenneth Cole’s Mankind. It was the stupidest name but Jongin loved the way it smelt and had selfishly bought a bottle for Suho so he could smell it on Suho’s skin any time he wanted.

“Too slow,” Jongin sighed as he stood behind him, his chest just touching the backs of Suho’s shoulders. He never needed much of an excuse to get up close to his boyfriend. Resting his chin on Suho’s left shoulder, Jongin reached his arms around him and started doing up the buttons on Suho’s shirt.

“I can button up my shirt just fine on my own,” Suho said with a chuckle, his eyes warm with affection.

“I know,” Jongin smiled at him in the mirror, “but just let me, anyway.” Carefully, his fingers fastened the buttons. And as his fingers busied themselves with their task, Jongin’s lips moved over Suho’s neck. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of Suho’s skin intermingled with the fragrance he’d given him last Christmas. Jongin felt Suho shudder ever so slightly in his arms and he felt something stir, low in his gut.

“You said it was time to go,” Suho reminded him, eyes closed and voice thready.

“It is,” Jongin said as he fastened the final button. Then he let his palms settle on Suho’s narrow waist.

“We should go then.” Suho said as he began to tuck the front hem of his shirt into the waistband of his trousers.

From behind, Jongin’s hands slipped under the white cotton fabric, sliding over Suho’s smooth, smooth skin.

“Jonginnie, we’ll be late,” Suho gasped as Jongin palmed his nipples.

“You know, maybe we should just cancel the booking and order takeout instead.” Jongin nibbled on his earlobe.

“We had to wait two weeks to get this booking, Kim Jongin.”

Jongin’s answer was to slide his hand down Suho’s flat, hard belly before moving slowly over navy blue gabardine. Suho moaned, already semi-erect as Jongin cupped him.

“We’re not doing this now, damnit,” Suho protested weakly as Jongin pulled him closer, his crotch rubbing shamelessly against Suho’s ass.

“Two weeks. We waited two weeks.”

“It’s just food, hyung,” he said as he turned Suho around so they were facing each other. He kissed Suho, his tongue slow and sensual and he explored Suho’s mouth. Then he was lifting Suho onto the counter, his mouth moving hungrily over slender collarbones and hands gripping sweetly curved ass.

“I’ll call the restaurant,” Suho sighed in defeat. As he cancelled their dinner reservation, Suho’s right hand stole under Jongin’s shirt so he could access chocolate-colored nipples.

A minute or two later, Jongin’s pale gray dress shirt lay in a crumpled heap on the floor and he was panting as Suho’s pretty, pretty pink mouth glided over his left nipple.

“We should probably. . .order some takeout before things get hectic at Han Palace. You know you always get gastric when you eat too late,” Jongin said in a shaky voice.

“Forget the food, Jonginnie.” Suho said impatiently as his mouth moved over the soft skin of Jongin’s belly. “I’d rather have you.”

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