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[Team six] Fire and blood

So, gore, demon Hansol eating someones intestines, Hakyeon being a werewolf alpha (actually hes a shapeshifter but u know) its a part of an au i have started but yes

"Pathetic," Hansol mumbled. He was hunched over the shapeshifter's dead body, his hands stained with blood. There was a huge gash in the shapeshifter's stomach, most of their intestines missing. He wiped his lips, probably smearing blood all over his face instead of actually getting rid of it.

He stood up, looking down at the corpse again, snorting. Usually shapeshifters were a bigger challenge, harder to kill. But this one had been easy, very easy. It wasn't much though, as the shapeshifter was a tiny and bony little thing. Nothing more than a snack. Hansol's thin tail twitched in annoyance. He hadn't had a satisfying meal in weeks. He grumbled.

He could hear paws against the forest floor, approaching him. It was the wolf pack, probably smelling the scent of the blood of a wolf. It wasn't a wolf from the pack though, just a loner passing by.

"Hansol," a rumble came from behind and Hansol turned around, grin on his lips and mischievous spark in his red eyes.

"Hakyeon," he greeted, tilting his head. "Did you smell the blood?" Hakyeon didn't even answer him and Hansol shrugged, looking over his shoulder. "I wouldn't worry," he said, turning back to face Hakyeon. He picked up a handkerchief from his pocket, starting to wipe his mouth. "It was a loner. If anything I did you a favor," he continued, wiping most of the blood off his hands.

"As long as you remember the deal," Hakyeon said, face blank and Hansol nodded. The deal was between him and Hakyeon, where Hansol had promised not to touch any innocent humans within Hakyeon's territory or any of Hakyeon's pack members. It was a deal Hansol didn't have a problem sticking too, even though it resulted in him having less nutritious meals as most loners were bony and halfway to death already.

"I wouldn't break the deal," Hansol said, his eyes wandering over the wolves behind Hakyeon. He had only brought three along, young ones that were nervously fiddling with their fingers and their hearts pounding in their chests. "I suggest you leave before one of your young ones freaks out," he said, meeting Hakyeon's eyes. Hakyeon didn't say anything. A low growl rumbled in his chest before he turned around, quickly shifting and the younger ones followed his lead.

Hansol watched them leave, the dark shadows of the forest quickly swallowing them and he turned his gaze towards the sky. It was a cloudy night, neither the moon or stars were visible. He tore his eyes off the sky and turned to the corpse. He held out his hands, mumbling a few words before flames erupted, engulfing the body. His lips curled up in a smirk as he watched the body turn into ashes.

amaxingbaek you're up bb <3
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