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[Team Sonic] Just Say It part 2

I decided to continue one of my previous shiritoris for the sake of Keito's happiness. LOL You can read part one here. This is really just a transitiony part though, I'm sorry. I'll write part 3 sometime soon to finish up the whole story :)

Starting words are from Mornings are best

“Enough already,” Yamada groans. “Stop making that pouting face at me. I’ll drive you to the dentist, okay?”

Keito sighs in relief. He feels a bit bad because Yamada is swamped with work these days, so it’s not like he gets a lot of time off. But Keito can’t drive himself home after getting his wisdom teeth removed, so it’s necessary. “Thank you! I’ll buy you lunch later because you’re the best friend in the history of best friends.” Hopefully that will make up for the inconvenience.

“That’s right,” Yamada nods briefly before laughing at his joke. He stands up and grabs his car keys which he’d haphazardly tossed on the kitchen table when he walked in. “Let’s get going. I don’t want you to be late for your appointment.”

Keito’s a bit nervous about getting his wisdom teeth removed, but luckily Yamada spends most of the car ride talking about the new drama he’s filming, so that keeps Keito’s mind occupied for the most part. But then Yamada says something that throws all his calm and stability for a loop.

“So I saw you and Chinen looking pretty cozy at the party the other night.” Yamada shoots him a sly look before casting his eyes back at the road. “Did you finally confess?”

“No,” Keito answers. He turns to look out of the window at all the scenery they drive past instead of seeing whatever face Yamada is making. “I’m giving up. It’s just not meant to be.”


Keito winces as Yamada reaches over and whacks his shoulder.

“You can’t give up. You love him,” Yamada continues. “Do you want me to tell him for you?”

No,” Keito repeats emphatically. That is exactly the kind of thing Yamada would try to do to be a helpful friend but actually end up making the whole thing worse. “Please Ryosuke, you’re not my mom. Stop worrying about it.” Keito had already decided that it would be good enough if he could just spend time close to Chinen. His life isn’t a romance manga after all, so he’s resigned himself to the fact that it’ll never work out.

Yamada sighs and Keito knows he’s given up on arguing for the moment. That’s good because Keito doesn’t want to worry about confessions anymore while he’s at the dentist office. It’s already stressful enough as it is.

Yamada is silent for the next few minutes as he parks the car and they walk into the dentist office. But then Yamada says something about how gaudily decorated the waiting room is, and that sets everything back to normal again. Keito reminds Yamada that they’ll need to stop and pick up his pain medication on the way home, and Yamada wishes him good luck.

Keito tries to relax as he sits down in the dentist’s chair. The memory of Chinen resting his head comfortably on his shoulder the other day flashes through his mind, and that brings a brief moment of calm. It’s the last thing he remembers before he passes out.
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