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[Team Sonic] Mornings are best

Restarting Team Sonic again!

The blankets are heavy, but Watanabe is too comfortable to move just yet. If he moves, it’ll be morning and he’ll have to get up, so he stays just where he is, curled against Miyadate’s back with his head half off the pillow and the blankets heavy against his bare skin. His mind drifts, closer to sleep than to waking, vaguely aware of Miyadate’s slow, even breathing and the comfortable warmth of Miyadate’s body so close to his.

It isn’t until Miyadate moves in his sleep, cuddling closer, that Watanabe’s thoughts drift to things that can be done in a comfortable bed with time to spare. Now that Miyadate’s ass is pressed against him, Watanabe is suddenly very aware of how hard he is, a natural consequence of sharing bed and blankets with his boyfriend. He nuzzles the back of Miyadate’s neck, breathing in the scent of Miyadate’s shampoo. Even though all of snowmen share their underwear, the two of them make sure to use different shampoos, because Watanabe finds it incredibly appealing. His hand slides over Miyadate’s hip, arm settling comfortably around him.

A brush of lips over soft skin, a gentle kiss to Miyadate’s shoulder and soon Miyadate is stirring, turning his head just enough to blink sleepily at Watanabe. “Morning,” Watanabe murmurs, leaning in for a kiss. Miyadate kisses back vaguely, still closer to sleep than waking, but quite happy to go along with whatever Watanabe wants. Watanabe nuzzles the back of Miyadate’s neck some more, kissing the bumps of his spine while his hands trail over Miyadate’s sides. Miyadate yawns and stretches, settling more firmly against Watanabe’s body. “You’re energetic this morning,” Miyadate comments, voice rough with sleep. The little wiggle of his ass against Watanabe’s dick makes it clear what he’s referring to, not that there could be much doubt to begin with.

“I can’t help it if my boyfriend is extra sexy this morning,” Watanabe replies, hand moving down to curl around Miyadate’s half-hard dick. He scratches his teeth over Miyadate’s shoulderblade, then trails kisses down Miyadate’s spine, one vertebra at a time. Miyadate’s pleased noises are pretty quiet, but Watanabe doesn’t expect anything else - the only time Miyadate is ever loud is during drunk shower sex.

Once his lips reach Miyadate’s hips, he stops just long enough to nudge Miyadate to roll onto his stomach. Miyadate complies easily, spreading his legs in anticipation. Watanabe lingers on the cheeks of Miyadate’s ass, kissing the firm flesh. He sinks his teeth lightly into the left cheek of Miyadate’s ass while his fingers knead the right cheek, then moves on down to nip at Miyadate’s thighs. There’s hard muscle and just enough flesh to make it fun to kiss and fondle Miyadate’s strong upper thighs, but Miyadate wiggles under him, showing just the slightest bit of impatience, so Watanabe cuts his teasing short with one last nip to the soft, sensitive skin on Miyadate’s inner thigh.

Getting serious about it, he spreads Miyadate’s ass open with his thumbs and flicks his tongue over the puckered hole. Miyadate’s soft moan is encouraging, so Watanabe does it again, slower this time. It’s distractingly cute how Miyadate’s hole twitches at the touch - Miyadate is sexy in a manly sort of way, but his hole is uncharacteristically pretty, all pink and hidden.

While he licks at Miyadate’s hole, teasing at the tight closing muscle, Watanabe kneads the cheeks of Miyadate’s ass, digging his fingers in properly. He trails his tongue around the puckered skin, coaxing, teasing, until the muscle relaxes enough to let him in. Pushing the tip of his tongue in draws a muffled moans from Miyadate, a sure sign that he’s doing it right. It’s early enough that he can take his time, work Miyadate’s ass over properly until he can get a finger in there besides his tongue. He licks around his finger, doing his best to keep Miyadate relaxed while he works his finger in deeper. Miyadate squeezes pretty tight around his finger, but early morning drowsiness and clever tongue work make things a lot easier than usual.

Saliva keeps things slippery enough to push in the second finger, but only just. Watanabe raises his head to ask where they put the tube of lubricant last night, but Miyadate is way ahead of him, already fishing around under the pillows. A moment later Miyadate reaches back over his shoulder, handing over the nearly empty tube. Watanabe kisses both of Miyadate’s ass cheeks in thanks, then coats his fingers with the last few drips of lube. By this point, Miyadate is relaxed enough that two fingers go in easily, and the third isn’t much more work. Watanabe isn’t quite ready to move on yet though, so he pulls his fingers free and licks inside, working Miyadate’s rim and inner walls over with his tongue until even Miyadate can’t quite keep his moans down.

Miyadate saying his name is all the the convincing Watanabe needs to move to the next step. Miyadate rolls back onto his side and Watanabe moves up to lie behind him once again, same position as when they woke up except that Miyadate pulls his knee up to give Watanabe easy access. Watanabe kisses the back of Miyadate’s neck, nuzzling the soft skin, then slides into his boyfriend much easier than usual. He wraps his arm around Miyadate’s middle, holding him close while Miyadate adjust to the intrusion. Rolling his hips, Watanabe sets an easy rhythm, slow and comfortable, as he’s not in any hurry. They’ve still got time before they need to get up, plenty of time to take it slow and then take a shower and clean up properly before going to work.

Their panting breath and the wet noise of sex are the only sounds for a while. Watanabe usually prefers doing it face to face, but this is pretty intimate too, and he likes that he can kiss Miyadate’s neck and shoulders like this. While he moves his hips, slow and gentle and oh so deep, he feathers kisses over Miyadate’s shoulders, nipping at Miyadate’s skin every once in a while. He curls his fingers around Miyadate’s dick, which is hot and heavy and fits in his hand just right. For once it’s Miyadate who comes first. Miyadate’s low moan is pretty appealing, as is the way his body clenches tight around Watanabe. Watanabe could have held out a bit longer, but Miyadate murmurs his name, all sweet and low and that’s it for him. Watanabe shivers himself out deep inside Miyadate, clinging tightly.

There’s still half an hour until they have to get up and Watanabe would certainly like a bit more sleep, but there’s no way he can stay like this, with the mess drying on them, all sticky. “Come on, shower,” he mutters, dragging himself up. Miyadate follows, yawning all the way to the shower.

The water wakes them up a bit more, enough for Miyadate to get playful. Watanabe finds himself pushed against the cold tiles, with Miyadate’s fingers in his hair and Miyadate’s lips against his. It’s a pretty good way to start the morning, even if it’s entirely too early. Having round two in the shower certainly makes cleanup easier, and if changing the sheets ends in round three that’s no more than what Watanabe expects.

By the time he’s got any clothing on, they’re actually running late, which means skipping breakfast and buying a snack at the train station. Miyadate bullies him into eating not one but two whole egg sandwiches, which Watanabe would usually object to but since he woke Miyadate up way too early he figures it’s fair enough.
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