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[Team Three] An extra good morning

To celebrate his birthday, Miyata would have been fine with just a cake and a hug, but Tamamori clearly had other plans. “Hmm?” Miyata mumbled, though even his mostly asleep brain could easily recognize the feeling of Tamamori’s lips around his dick. It wasn’t easy to see in the near-dark, but Tamamori looked decidedly smug when Miyata flipped the blanket away. “Yuta?”

Tamamori hummed in reply and then just kept humming. It took a minute, but Miyata finally woke up enough to realize his somewhat crazy boyfriend was humming the tune of Happy Birthday, the sound slightly distorted by being hummed around his dick.

Amusement woke him up the whole way and he pushed himself up on his elbow so that he could watch properly. Tamamori looked so good like this, with his hair sleep tousled and his eyes bright. “Tama-chan,” Miyata murmured, reverting to the nickname automatically. He would have enjoyed this no matter what, but Tamamori was actually pretty good at it, tongue pressing against all the right spots, fingers using the exact right amount of pressure, sucking just hard enough to make Miyata want more. The sounds were pretty appealing too, once Tamamori finished his little hummed birthday song, the wet slurping sounds louder than they needed to be to cater to Miyata’s hentai anime shaped tastes.

But just when Miyata was really getting into it, Tamamori drew back and let his dick slip out of his mouth with a loud pop. Before Miyata had time to do more than blink, Tamamori had sat up and climbed on top of Miyata, straddling his hips. Tamamori planted his hands in the middle of Miyata’s chest and pushed him firmly down, then reached down to grab Miyata’s dick. Holding it steady, Tamamori sank down on it slowly.

“Ohh,” Miyata moaned, entirely happy with that development. The thought of Tamamori preparing himself while Miyata slept next to him, oblivious, was weirdly hot.

The thought must have been clear on his face, or perhaps Tamamori simply knew him that well. “Pervert,” Tamamori called him, rolling his hips. “Otaku. Weirdo.”

The more names Tamamori called him, the wider Miyata’s grin got, a happy flush spreading across his face while happy warmth spread through him. He just loved Tamamori that much and by now he knew Tamamori loved him just as much.

Miyata always thought that Tamamori was gorgeous, but there were few times when he was more appealing than now, naked, aroused and riding Miyata’s dick with abandon. There were spots of colour high on Tamamori’s cheeks, a bit hard to see in the low light of their bedroom. “I love you,” Miyata blurted out suddenly.

“Good, you should,” Tamamori replied, ever the weirdo. “Cause I love you too. Now shut up and enjoy your birthday present.”

“Yes, sir,” Miyata replied happily. He put his hands on Tamamori’s thighs and held on, relaxing while Tamamori did all the work. Tamamori’s thighs bunched under his fingers as Tamamori rode his dick, moving up and down on it over and over again. Tamamori’s panting breath and quiet little moans were quite appealing as well. Miyata tried to keep his own noises down at first so that he could hear Tamamori better, but Tamamori was having none of that, pinching at his nipples until Miyata yelped and gave up on holding back.

With Tamamori hot and insistent on top of him, Miyata couldn’t last long at all. He reached for Tamamori’s dick much earlier than he wanted to, but for once Tamamori didn’t tease him for it, just went along with it, moaning up a storm. The sound didn’t exactly help Miyata last longer, but he did his best to hold out until Tamamori gasped and clenched tight around him, at which point no amount of self-control could stop Miyata’s orgasm. He thrust up into Tamamori, spilling himself deep inside Tamamori’s hot, willing body while Tamamori’s come stained his fingers.

Satiated, Tamamori slipped off Miyata’s dick and flopped down right on top of him, claiming a kiss. Miyata wrapped his arms around Tamamori’s strong shoulders, holding on, making sure to get at least some of Tamamori’s come in his hair so that he’d have an excuse to help him wash it later, not that they needed an excuse to share a shower nowadays.

Next up is mousapelli!
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