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[Team Six] Airport Mishaps

First fic in a while and it's NamJin~

“See you in a minute,” Namjoon says to his phone speaker as he arranges the backpack slung over his shoulders. He’s finally in Gimpo Airport after a grueling 1 hour and 5 minutes turbulent ride from their family vacation house in Jeju. It’s almost 10 in the evening and his first class for the semester is tomorrow at 7 in the morning. Who gets classes at 7 in the morning anyway?

Apparently, Namjoon.

There are a lot of people in the airport, despite it being late evening. Namjoon deftly moves to the side as a kid zooms past him, hair flipping and hands clutching his Transformers toy tightly as he tries to catch his mother who is too busy conversing with another woman. Namjoon looks at the kid and briefly wonders if his mother has ever left him before?

It’s a quick thought to vanish though because soon enough Namjoon has already reached baggage carousel # 1. Just a few more minutes to go and he can finally doze in Yoongi’s car as the latter dawdles his usual sentiments about not having enough vacations in college. The mere thought of Yoongi lazily complaining to him in that sleepy voice of his has Namjoon snorting before he can even stop himself.

He quickly realizes what he’s done, thanks to the judging looks of the other people around him. Namjoon fakes a cough and focuses on the task at hand. He’s not even supposed to carry home a luggage with him, but his mother insisted on bringing oranges and seafood to Yoongi.

(“Son, I need to make sure your househelp is getting plenty of vitamins if I want you alive till your next vacation.”) So here he is waiting for his borrowed luggage to arrive. (“Mom, what did I tell you about borrowing stuffs from neighbors? I can’t even give this back till next vacation!”, “Oh, so this means you’re coming home for vacation, right? Nice.”)

Sometimes he often wonders who is more manipulative: his roommate slash best friend or his own mother.

The luggage is your typical gray extendable fabric with a typical gold plated padlock that Namjoon bought from the local convenience store a few blocks away from their vacation house. Basically, it’s the same look with almost 80% of the luggages being hauled in the baggage carousel.

This is why when a gray luggage the same size as Namjoon’s makes it way on his side of the conveyor belt, he immediately grabs it with thoughts of grabbing deokbokki on the pojangmacha near his and Yoongi’s unit at the condominium a few walks away from Yonsei. He can almost taste the spiciness of the deokbokki partnered with the burning taste of soju in his throat when he feels a tug on the luggage. He looks for the source of the obstructive move only to see a guy, a beautiful,pale guy to be exact, grabbing his luggage.

And wow, those shoulders.

Namjoon can already imagine twenty little birds resting on those shoulders with how broad they are.

The man’s eyebrows are furrowed ever so slightly as he looks at Namjoon then at Namjoon’s hand on the luggage. He offers a small smile before tugging it towards him again, dark brown hair flailing and lips thinning. It only arouses Namjoon’s inner competitiveness as he tugs the luggage towards him instead. No matter how handsome this man is, the luggage is his. He can’t even fathom how much nagging he’ll hear from his mother when she realizes Yoongi hasn’t tasted any of the oranges she personally picked from their orange farm.

“Hey, man, I think you got the wrong luggage,” The handsome man begins and wow, that’s a very nice voice? “But this is mine.” He tugs the luggage much stronger this time, rendering Namjoon’s to lose his hold on the luggage. The latter can see how the handsome man’s biceps flex with the heaviness of the luggage and he tries real hard to focus on pressing matters, i.e. his mother’s nagging, Yoongi’s whining, the combination of his mother and Yoongi losing their shit over the simplest of things.

“Dude, you seem pretty cool and everything, but it’s mine, so if you can just give it-”

The stranger flips the luggage tag and there it is - Kim Seokjin, Yonsei University, oh look, same address as Namjoon’s condominium. How lucky. Seokjin gives one last grin to Namjoon before he offers a slight bow and walks away from the scene.

There aren’t a lot of people in the area anymore.

Kim Namjoon’s Tyler The Creator ringing tone reverberates throughout the area as he glares at the one last piece of grey fabric luggage moving along the conveyor belt.

It’s the last night before his first day of classes and he already feels absolutely pathetic.

chuyeol, I choose you!
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