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[team three] Caked

Heppy Birthday Mitsu♡

"Thank you!" Kitayama says to everyone with a large grin.  He gets caked every year for his birthday and even though he's blinking frosting out of one eye and is pretty sure he just stabbed the other with a piece of fruit, he doesn't mind.  Kitayama can think of worse birthday traditions.

He still can't quite see, and he's about to ask for someone to pass him a tissue, but then a arm wraps around his waist and a moist towel touches his face.

He waits patiently as Totsuka carefully wipes the frosting away.

"Try look here?" Totsuka directs and Kitayama carefully tries to open his eyes.  His breath catches a bit seeing how close their faces are, but the spark of amusement in Totsuka's eyes is the only indicator that tells Kitayama he knows exactly what he's doing.  Kitayama's face warms a bit, well aware that there are a other people present, some who don't know and aren't supposed to know about their relationship.  Totsuka, however, just continues to wipe away the frosting as if nothing he's doing is inappropriate at all.

It isn't until he's all finished and tries to lean in to kiss Kitayama that Kitayama can't hold anymore.  He dodges and pulls away, both of them laughing.  Yeah.  There are worse ways to celebrate his birthday.

You're up, orangegreenlove!
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