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[Team Three] Thank You

Oh look it's a Snow Man drabble!

... it suddenly turned a bit sad on me and I don't know how...
Based on a true story btw, Hikaru did cut Sakuma's hair recently.

The world narrowed down to just the two of them for a few moments. Iwamoto followed the soft blond locks as they drifted down and landed on the spread-out newspaper. Another click of the scissors, another lock. He didn’t cut off much - heck he was not a professional - but this would do. It was good enough. He had enough faith in his own skills for a trim.

“Hikaru really is amazing.” Sakuma said softly. It wasn’t his usual joking tone. It was the soft, revering one that Sakuma used when he talked about something or someone he was really fond of. So his words had been an earnest compliment. “There’s nothing you can’t do.”

“I’m not invincible.” Iwamoto brushed some stray hair off the other’s shoulders. “I have good and bad parts just like everyone else.”

“So modest.” Sakuma smiled and looked up at Iwamoto. “Another good part.”

Iwamoto huffed softly and smiled back. “I think you’re plenty good yourself, too.”

“Thank you, Hikaru.” Sakuma got up. “This feels a lot better!”

Iwamoto had had an inkling when the other had asked him earlier, that there had been more to this request than the simple act of cutting off a few strands of hair. His gut feeling seldomly proved to be wrong. Especially when it came to Sakuma.

He pulled the other into a brief hug. “You know, these words aren’t just reserved for kouhai. You can come to me if you ever need anything. Be it someone to talk to or just, you know.”

“I know.” Sakuma returned the hug. “So, thank you.”

You're up talisa_ahn
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