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[TEAM ONE] Team Bonding Trip VI

Together, Mina and Yeonjung crawl out of the tent, as quiet as possible so they don’t wake the other girls. They’re lucky that they have the tent to themselves, rather than the two-person going to Nayoung and Chungha.

It’s two in the morning and they should both be sleeping, but Yeonjung had heard about there being a shooting star on day three, and she had whispered it to Mina. Mina deliberately hasn’t told anyone else. Some things she just wants to keep secret; she likes the other girls, but seeing a shooting star is special. The wishes they will make are precious.

So both girls lie on the grass a short distance from the rest of the tents, watching the stars, their hands clasped between them. Their nails, painted pink for the final episode of Produce 101, are chipping, and Mina thinks there will definitely be no polish left by the time they head home.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Yeonjung whispers. “I’ve always liked the stars.”

“Well, maybe you should be added to Wujusonyeo,” Mina tells her, half teasing. She doesn’t need to look at Yeonjung’s face to know the other girl is smiling, hopeful. She wonders if that will be Yeonjung’s wish, for if they get to see the shooting star. It’s not like adding members to already debuted groups is uncommon; they may decide to add her after her success on Produce 101.

Mina knows that Jellyfish Entertainment are working on a girl group, but she doesn’t yet know who will be included. She knows some of the other girls in the company, as they all trained together—her, Nayoung-unnie, Sejeong-unnie, Mimi-unnie, Bora-unnie, Sojin-unnie, Hyeyeonnie. It could be any of them. It could be all of them.

Mina hadn’t been expecting to make it into I.O.I. She’d thought Nayoung would have made it instead of her. She’d always known that her ability to debut would depend on the results of Produce 101, and sometimes she still doesn’t believe that this has happened. She thinks she’s going to wake up and it will all have been a dream—she’ll be back in the Jelpi dorms after missing the top eleven and Nayoung will be in I.O.I.

But it isn’t a dream, and she’s here, hands clasped with Yeonjung, on the grass in the middle of a bonding retreat hundreds of miles from Seoul, and managers, and work. There isn’t long before they have to go back and start working, recording, promoting, as I.O.I.

But right now, she can just stare at the beautiful stars sparkling above them, and relax in the moment.

Just as she’s thinking it, there’s a beautiful flash. Yeonjung gasps out loud, her fingers clenching around Mina’s. Mina smiles at her joy, swallows, and prays for everything she’s ever dreamt of.

the icon is me to softboys (just...please forgive the pairing ♥)
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