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Starting words from here!

There was only one bed, but after all these years none of them were particularly fussy about being skin to skin with a bunch of fellow idols. Taiga might have complained, but Juri was warm against his side and Sakuma’s mouth was already around his dick. Fukazawa dug his fingers into Taiga’s pink hair, tugging on the smooth strands until Taiga rolled his eyes and yanked him down for a kiss.

Juri whistled. He had a frontrow seat and could see every little flash of tongue, not to mention the hint of pink that slowly appeared on Taiga’s cheeks. It wasn’t quite clear if Taiga’s blush was a result of Fukazawa’s famous kissing skills or of Sakuma’s blowjob, both of which were about equally enthusiastic. While he watched, Juri trailed his fingers over Taiga’s smooth, pale skin, teasing at Taiga’s nipples and other sensitive spots.

Sakuma let Taiga’s dick slip out of his mouth with a loud pop. “I can ride you, right?”

Taiga’s only reply was a moan, muffled by Fukazawa’s lips. Sakuma chose to interpret that as a yes and climbed on top of Taiga, straddling his hips. He sank down onto Taiga’s dick pretty quickly, pausing only when his ass was flush with Taiga’s hips. He rolled his hips, teasing, until Taiga lost his patience.

Taiga nipped at Fukazawa’s lips and snapped his hips up into Sakuma, taking back at least a modicum of control. Sakuma moaned and Juri laughed. “Better ride him properly,” Juri suggested, “our Kyomo-chan can get mean when he’s frustrated.”
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