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[Team Sonic] Here, Kitty, Kitty

Restarting Team Sonic!

Sakuma grinned. “I knew the ears would look good on you!”

Watanabe could only laugh at Sakuma’s enthusiasm. The perky kitty ears attached to Sakuma’s bleached hair looked pretty cute and the buttplug tail twitched every time Sakuma bounced in front of the mirror. The dog ears on his own head looked pretty soft, but petting himself would probably be weird…

The door clacked open and Miyadate’s amused voice interrupted his thoughts. “This is what you get up to when I leave you alone for five minutes?”

Watanabe whirled around, gasping when the fluffy buttplug tail banged against the mirror. “Ryota!”

Miyadate’s eyes widened, eyes fixed on the red collar Watanabe was wearing. Iwamoto had wisely closed the door before anyone else could see them, since neither Sakuma nor Watanabe was wearing anything besides collars, ears and tails.

Every step Watanabe took, the buttplug moved inside him in interesting ways, so by the time he reached Miyadate he wasn’t at all sure what was turning him on most - the way Miyadate looked at him, the kinky costume, or the friction of the toy inside him. “Hey, Ryota,” he purred, leaning in close to whisper in Miyadate’s ear. “Play with me.”
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