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[Team Five]

Round and round she goes -

The favor of someone as high ranking as General Yifan is not easily gained, nor kept. There are rumors, even, that those who have fallen out of favor with the King’s Military Advisor have suffered losses beyond compare. It is why supplicants will present him with gifts, will offer him the company of their daughters and sons in the hopes that Yifan will fancy one enough to take as another spouse.

What the citizens of their great kingdom do not know is that Yifan - the greatest, most distinguished military strategist in their history - is far from the cold and callous man who stands tall at their King’s side. That icy demeanor melts away as soon as he makes it inside the privacy of his estate.

Amongst all the rooms and lavish decor, Yifan’s most beloved possessions are the two men he calls husband. Jongin and Kyungsoo would surely resent being thought of as his property if not for knowing that Yifan, in turn, belongs to the just as much. He finds them in their shared bedroom, his muddy boots and cloak discarded to be cleaned later.

There is a fire burning hot and the two men are sitting near to it, Kyungsoo with a book in his lap and Jongin wrapped around Kyungsoo from behind, chin hooked on his shoulder as Kyungsoo’s soft voice plucks the words from the pages. Yifan pauses, watching as Jongin fidgets, wrapping an arm around Kyungsoo’s waist and nudging Kyungsoo’s cheek with his nose. Kyungsoo pauses long enough to drop a kiss on Jongin’s pouty lips.

Yifan’s heart soars.

He’s quiet when he pads over, his bare feet silent on the rug. He kneels behind Jongin, carefully winding his arm around Jongin who only startles a little. Kyungsoo halts, the book forgotten as they both turn to Yifan as one. Yifan soon finds himself flat on his back, Jongin pressed between him and Kyungsoo. It’s Kyungsoo who gets to his mouth first, dropping several kisses on him before Jongin whines for his turn.

It’s been three long days since he’s been home early enough to spend any time with them. He’s had to leave early in the morning before the household rises, and comes back well after the lanterns have been doused for the night. He’s been longing for this.

“You smell,” Jongin comments, wiggling his way off Yifan as Kyungsoo slips to the side.

Kyungsoo, who is wearing Jongin’s too large robes, digs fingers into Yifan’s arms to help him off the floor. “I’ll run a bath,” Kyungsoo says, raising to his toes to give Yifan another kiss.

Jongin is only too eager to start slipping loose the ties on Yifan’s leather armor, uncaring for ceremony as he drops each piece to the floor. Yifan uses the time to admire his husband, wistfully sighing because he’s been gone so often as of late. It will only be a little longer before he will be able to devote more time to them, and it can’t come soon enough.

Jongin hands Yifan a soft cotton robe of his own to slide on before Jongin is taking his hand, leading Yifan down the corridor. Kyungsoo is waiting, giving Yifan a glimpse of his bare body before he’s sliding into the water. Jongin follows suit, his robe pooling at his feet to give Yifan a stunning view before he too is lowering into the water.

Both of them beckon Yifan. And who is he to refuse them?

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