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[Team Three] Game Night

This is totally not late, nope XD

Lies are dangerous. Not so much because he’ll get confused or tangled up in them, that’s not the problem. It’s just that the idea of him being single is too preposterous to even imagine. “Would I be here if I had someone waiting at home?” Watanabe replies with a grin. It’s not even a lie, because Miyadate isn’t waiting at home - he’s around somewhere, probably waiting for an opportunity to start the next step of their little game.

The man he’s dancing with is handsome enough, not that anyone can compare with Miyadate in his mind. The guy behind him is a lot less attractive and quite a bit more pushy. Watanabe slips away from both, finding an empty bit of floor to dance alone for a while. That doesn’t last particularly long, his pretty face and the shirt that’s constantly slipping down his shoulder attract men like flies. Miyadate finally makes his move, dancing with Watanabe for a bit before drifting off again.

There’s a hand on his ass suddenly and Watanabe doesn’t even have to look to know that it’s not Miyadate’s. He pulls away but a second guy is suddenly blocking his path. “Not so fast.”

“Yeah, dance with us,” the guy behind Watanabe chimes in. “We’ll show you a good time.”

“Not interested.” Watanabe brushes the persistent hand away from his ass, and before the second guy can argue again, Miyadate is there, pulling Watanabe away from between the two.

“He said he’s not interested.” Miyadate’s voice is almost a growl, and despite the situation the sound goes directly to Watanabe’s dick - jealous Miyadate is hotter than anything.

“Fucker,” the guy who groped him mutters, but wanders away. The other guy eyes Miyadate’s muscles for a moment, then sneers and turns away too.

Watanabe grins at Miyadate. “Thanks.”

Miyadate shrugs. “I don’t like that type of pushy guy,” he replies, keeping up the pretense of being strangers.

Watanabe spends a while dancing with other people, but after the second time Miyadate has to rescue him from overly pushy gropers, he decides he’s had enough and asks Miyadate to dance. Miyadate is a good dancer, their bodies syncing without effort after all these years. They move closer gradually, naturally, and Watanabe is pretty sure he’d end up sleeping with Miyadate even if they were strangers for real.

Miyadate’s hand slips into his backpocket, but unlike that one guy from earlier he’s definitely not after Watanabe’s wallet. Watanabe hums at the squeeze to his ass and wraps his arms around Miyadate’s shoulders. He nods towards the back of the club and the minimal privacy of the bathrooms. “Hey, take me somewhere else.”

“I don’t even know your name,” Miyadate replies, cheeks going pink.

Miyadate’s not a bad actor - he can’t hide the love in his eyes and his body is incredibly familiar against Watanabe’s, but other than that Watanabe could almost believe Miyadate was a stranger, down to the unfamiliar cologne. “Call me Shota,” he breathes.

“Shota,” Miyadate agrees.

Watanabe moves towards the back of the club, Miyadate following not far behind. He has to take a short detour around a knot of people who are all grinding together near the backwall, blocking the way to the toilets, but then he’s through and slips into the relative silence of the bathroom.

A few seconds later the bathroom door opens a second time and Miyadate follows him into the room. There are already two people in a corner engaged in a blowjob and there are some thumping noises coming from one of the toilet stalls, but other than that they are alone. Watanabe raises an eyebrow at Miyadate, asking if this is privacy enough since Miyadate isn’t nearly as much of an exhibitionist as Watanabe. A quick nod from Miyadate is all the agreement he needs. Watanabe wraps his arms back around Miyadate’s neck, pressing close. Miyadate’s lips against his drive most of his thoughts away quickly, making it hard to remember why they are here, and that’s even before Miyadate does that thing with his tongue that always gets Watanabe going.

Luckily Miyadate is less easily distracted, opening their pants with clever fingers while they kiss. Reaching down, Watanabe wraps his fingers around Miyadate’s erection. He’s seen enough reactions to Miyadate’s unusually large dick to know how to act, how to pretend this is the first time he’s ever seen it. The pleased flush on Miyadate’s cheeks means he’s gotten it exactly right, as does the way Miyadate hardens even more under his touch. As soon as Miyadate is fully hard, Watanabe breaks the kiss and turns around. He eyes the wall, trying to find the least icky place to brace his arms against. Disgusting public bathroom walls are the one flaw of this game, but he’s turned on enough to be able to ignore his shudder at the thought of touching those mystery stains.

Having spotted a reasonably clean bit of wall, Watanabe braces his arms against the wall and rests his cheek on his arms. He wiggles his butt in invitation, horny and eager to just get on with it already. He’d prepared himself at home before they set out, so he is all slick and ready for Miyadate, just waiting to be taken. Miyadate doesn’t make him wait. Stepping up close, Miyadate doesn’t go for his zipper right away. Instead he kisses Watanabe’s shoulder, pushing his shirt down even more.

Watanabe moans as teeth sink into his skin, which seems to be the signal for Miyadate to get on with it already. Watanabe’s jeans are unceremoniously pushed down and then Miyadate is pushing into him, without hesitation or any of the usual checking to make sure he’s prepared enough, which is exactly the way Watanabe wants it. Getting Miyadate to promise to do it like this was probably the hardest part, but it’s so, so worth it when Miyadate slides into him, the heat and the pressure of it just right. Miyadate doesn’t pause to let him adjust, simply pulls out and slams back in and it’s so different and so perfect that Watanabe can’t keep his moans down at all even though they’re in much too public a space to be loud.

The sex is rough, it’s all Watanabe can do to keep from getting smushed against the dirty wall. Miyadate’s fingers are digging into his hips hard enough that there’ll be marks to show, and somehow it’s that, combined with the lack of the usual kissing, that’s driving Watanabe wild. He knows the feel of Miyadate’s dick inside him, the feel of Miyadate’s hands on his body, the sound of Miyadate’s panting breath and could probably recognize those things under any circumstances, but it’s just different enough that he can pretend he’s really getting fucked by a stranger, that it’s impersonal and dirty.

“Harder,” he gasps, so breathless that he’s not sure if Miyadate can even hear him. He can hear the club music through the wall, as well as the weird thumping from that one occupied toilet stall, but none of it matters with Miyadate’s dick pounding into him just so, making his body sing and tingle. That’s when Miyadate shifts his hips, changing the angle just enough to hit Watanabe’s sweet spot just so, and suddenly Watanabe is almost at his limit, so close that he can practically taste his orgasm. It’s just a couple more thrusts, each of them perfectly placed, and then Watanabe is coming hard enough to see stars, his come splashing against the already grimy wall.

His knees feel like jelly, but Watanabe does his best to stay on his feet - even a dozen showers would not be enough if he touched that nasty floor. Miyadate is still pounding into him, each thrust of Miyadate’s hips sending sweet, delicious aftershocks through his body, so Watanabe moans encouragement and stays upright as best he can until Miyadate groans and shoves in especially deep, shivering with pleasure.

True to the game they’re playing, Miyadate simply places one last kiss on the back of Watanabe’s shoulder while he zips his pants back up, then leaves. Watanabe needs a moment longer to recover and there’s nothing to clean himself up with, so he has no choice but to leave with Miyadate’s come staining his thighs and the inside of his jeans. On his way across the dance floor, even more people try to pick him up, probably drawn by his tussled and well-fucked look.

Walking home alone at 3am might not be the best choice, but luckily he isn’t actually alone. Miyadate meets him just a street away from the club, and it’s kind of sweet how Miyadate quickly looks him over to make sure no one hassled him on his way out. Taking Miyadate’s hand, Watanabe smiles, the special smile that’s just for Miyadate. “Let’s go home together.”

Next up is mousapelli !
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