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An unfinished continuation of my last entry, since I don't think I'll manage to write much more in the time I have left. Here we go!

“I’m getting to it,” Hakyeon says impatiently after Taekwoon asks for the fifth? Sixth? time how in the hell it was possible for Sanghyuk to use Hakyeon’s wand. He gets the questioning, he really does, but they have to start somewhere that makes sense. “Look at the kid,” he says, gesturing to Taekwoon’s assistant, who is sitting in a chair quietly, looking very confused. Actually, he should look more surprised. Shell-shocked would be the right amount, in Hakyeon’s opinion. “He needs answers, more than what you’re asking about. Probably more than we can give, honestly.”

“Fine,” Taekwoon huffs, and turns to Sanghyuk. His expression softens as he does so, as if he didn't mean to be so harsh. It's often like that with Taekwoon, Hakyeon finds. “Ask away.”

“Uh,” Sanghyuk starts, shifting uncomfortably in his seat, clearly not sure where to start. “What exactly was with the storm in the office?”

And there it is, the problem both Hakyeon and Taekwoon are facing: how much of the truth can they actually tell Sanghyuk? He doesn't belong in their world, doesn't know a thing about magic and how it works, the fact that Hakyeon and Taekwoon have been raised as wizards. He shouldn’t be sitting here with them at all.

Except, he somehow managed to use Hakyeon's wand, which shouldn't be possible for neither wizards nor normal people simply because a wand should only answer to its owner. The only explanations they have for this happening is that either the wand acted on its own accord in Sanghyuk's hand, or Sanghyuk is a wizard. The latter seems more likely.

They might as well tell the entire truth.

carpesoo you're up!
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