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[Team six] Your fantasies have all been broken

part of a giant au... idk its probably very messy orz

"You... you turned him," Jinhwan said as he entered the room, his eyes on Byungjoo. "How do you think he'll react when he wakes up?"

Hansol sighed, turning around to look at Byungjoo. He was on the couch, asleep. He looked peaceful as the rosy color of his skin slowly turned into a more ashen shade. Hansol's gut twisted. He never wanted to turn Byungjoo. He loathed everything he was and didn't wish to share this terrible fate with anyone, especially not Byungjoo.

"I don't know," he finally said, glancing at Jinhwan, who had sat down in one of the chairs. Jinhwan had taken to this life fairly easy, accepted Hansol as his maker without a fight. But that was probably because Jinhwan had been bleeding to death when Hansol found him, 23 years old with his life ahead of him. Hansol had offered him a second chance.

"He might have... forgotten things though," Jinhwan pointed out and Hansol hummed, looking back at Byungjoo. More often than not, vampires forgot parts of their human lives after being turned and Hansol was terrified. What if that happened to Byungjoo? It could end up as a disaster if it did. "Why did you turn him though?" Hansol turned back to Jinhwan. He was glaring at him, his eyes hard and cold. "You just want to keep him around."

"No," Hansol said, glaring at Jinhwan. That was certainly not the case. "Listen Jinhwan, I had to turn him or else-"

"Or else he might have realized what you actually were," Jinhwan cut him off and anger bubbled inside Hansol. "You never told him the truth did you?"

Hansol clenched his jaws and Jinhwan snickered.

"You're heartless Hansol," he said and Hansol bit his tongue, turning away from Jinhwan to look himself in the mirror. He could barely recognize himself anymore. His face was still round, hair still black, but his eyes had changed from a warm and soft brown to a striking yellow. "He might hate you when he wakes up and learns the truth," Jinhwan continued and Hansol's stomach churned. Jinhwan was right. He was heartless to not even ask Byungjoo... but what could he do. He loved Byungjoo, more than anything and he was willing to do anything for him. Even if it meant that Byungjoo would hate him and everything he was.

amaxingbaek youre up babe!
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