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[Team Two] A Promised Feeling

This is so pointless, but I wrote something! My muse and I were arguing over if I should write something angsty or if I should write something long. I didn't want to do either of those things, so I wrote something short and super fluffy xD I also ran out of time, which is why this is as short as it is, oops?

Title: A Promised Feeling
Pairing: Totsuka/Hashimoto
Rating: PG
Warnings: Might give you Cavities
Summary: He promised to love him forever.

Forever, that was how long Hashimoto had promised to love Totsuka. Staring at the older male as he put on his dance sneakers, the natural light shining in from the window illuminating the room giving Totsuka a glowing outline, Hashimoto felt that his promise was one that he could and would keep gladly. A heavy hand on his shoulder followed by an obnoxious laugh pulled him from his thoughts, “Quite looking like a lovesick puppy and come on, we’ve got to meet the choreographer. Goseki and Tsuka-chan are already there!” Kawai started to walk out of the room. Totsuka met his gaze, a light blush beginning to form as he realized he was being stared at. Hashimoto could feel his own cheeks color slightly as he left the room. It wasn’t like they weren’t use to their band mates good natured teasing, but that didn’t mean they weren’t still a tiny bit embarrassed when they were caught. Hashimoto wondered why the teasing always got to him when Totsuka was concerned but not if he was teased about anyone else that he showed affection towards. With a smile, he thought it was probably because Totsuka was the only one he truly loved with his whole heart.

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Tags: *team two, fandom: abc-z, love ranger: aleena_mokoia, warning: might give you cavities
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