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[TEAM ONE] Team Bonding Trip V

Unintentional #happysejeongday, I guess. ;)

They leave when the sun rises early on the fourth day, after a nice break that was also, somehow, not enough time away from the public and the fans.

It’s back to their van for the long journey home.

Sejeong, who acknowledges that she has had her driving licence for approximately three minutes, offers to drive them part of the way home. She trusts herself not to make any mistakes and ignore the other kids, and Nayoung looks like she could do with some more sleep. Nayoung folds herself gratefully into the passenger seat and is out like a light almost immediately.

The other girls help to pack the van up with all the belongings they’d brought with them for the trip, before climbing into the seats at the back, and they’re off within thirty minutes, Sejeong driving them carefully up the path that will take them out of the wooded camp area and back to the main road.

Most of the girls fall asleep again, savouring the extra time before they are back in the public eye and have to sacrifice beauty sleep once more. Chungha and Kyulkyung stay awake, possibly due to some kind of shared sympathy with Sejeong. They chat quietly; trying not to wake the others up or distract her as she drives.

It’s such a nice drive; early enough in the morning that there aren’t many other cars on the road to spoil the beauty and the peace—Sejeong can hear the birds over the motorway, and that’s not something she can say regularly—that she can’t bear to wake the others up. Instead, she swaps with Chungha, who’s been driving since she was sixteen, back in America. She settles into Chungha’s seat in the back and watches the sky brighten with a smile on her face.

In two hours they’ll be back in Seoul, in their new company. They will settle into their new dorm, though she, Mina, and some of the others won’t move in for another few days; they have to move their things from their previous dorms first, or move from home. They will start learning the routine for the debut song, whilst still reminding themselves of their previous songs. They will have to learn cover dances for things and perform onstage in front of fans, the public, seniors, and soldiers in the army.

But right now, she can pretend she’s still a twenty-one year old on a field trip with ten of her girlfriends, and she shares a grin with Kyulkyung.

“It’s lovely, isn’t it?” Kyulkyung asks, and Sejeong nods.

“It’s the best.”

nico nico niiiiiii~ softboys
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