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[Team Three] Just Say It

I randomly wanted to write Keito/Chinen (or Cheeto, as I like to call them), but instead of sappy sweet, it started getting angsty so I cut it off pretty early. Oh well. #KeitosHardLife forever basically

“I am so very much in love,” Keito says very quietly.

With you.

“In love?” Chinen’s voice cuts through the silence.

“With this cake!” Keito answers too enthusiastically. He swings his plate towards Chinen’s face. “You should try it.” He breathes a sigh of relief as Chinen happily takes a bite of the chocolate cake. And then he watches as satisfaction spreads across Chinen’s face, enjoying the dessert for a moment before he passes the plate back.

Keito wants to kick himself for chickening out. It was supposed to be so simple. Just tell Chinen how much he loves him and ask him on a date. It didn’t have to be like a shoujo manga with anything dramatic. No pushing Chinen up against a wall to confess. No running to catch him at the airport before he leaves on a soul-searching journey.

Just. Say. It.

But Keito can’t.

He expects Chinen to bounce off to the other side of the room and chat with someone else now that he’s satisfied his sweet tooth, but Chinen stays seated beside him. The post-concert party continues around them. Keito’s just as happy as the rest of them, but he doesn’t feel like getting rowdy at the moment.

“I’m sleepy,” Chinen says. Keito shouldn’t be surprised when he feels Chinen’s head suddenly leaning against him. The warm weight presses into his shoulder and Keito just wants to adjust his arm to pull Chinen closer. Chinen always makes Keito feel more comfortable and more at ease in any situation. Like the whole world could be crumbling around him but if Chinen was there, it wouldn’t matter.

Just say it.

But Keito can’t.

“I don’t think anyone would mind if you went back to your room early,” Keito tells him.

Chinen yawns, and Keito feels him shake his head. “I don’t mind staying here with you for a little bit longer.”

So the two of them sit together in silence watching the party happen all around them. Keito says nothing. Maybe he doesn’t need to say anything after all. The truth is, he really doesn’t know anything about love and confessions and crap like that.

Maybe, for now, it’s enough to just share a bite of cake and a quiet corner of the room.

Hey, hey it's kira_shadow's turn!
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