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[team two] シルエット

Hi I am a failure at life and I cannot write anything to save my life. But have some bad fic. I mean, have a Junta/Akito (otherwise known as B.A.D) drabble. Title shamelessly taken from the same song.

"You already won me over a long time ago," Junta laughs, his words subtly mouthed into Akito‘s ear, amidst the sound of cheering around them. He lifts one hand free from his hold on Akito, looking once more at the golden band around his ring finger, and then at Akito. What he does next makes Akito’s eyes widen comically before fluttering shut, responding to the kiss with as much passion ― and double the love ― while the crowd quietly disperses as Junta and Akito start to become oblivious to everything but each other.

There’s bliss and relief plainly written in the other man’s face when the kiss breaks. "Is that a yes?" Akito clarifies, whispering the question into Junta’s lips.

Junta playfully shoves at him. "'Course it is, dummy," he says without any real heat, and before Akito’s face falls at being called a dummy (especially since it’s only in jest), Junta holds his hand. He lifts them and lets their matching rings glint in the light. "But with this, I get to stay by your side forever."

Tag, you're it. aleena_mokoia
Tags: *team two, fandom: jwest, love ranger: dusk037, warning: might give you cavities
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