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[Team 3] I'm In love

So I have been sick
And mega fail at life
And laptop less
But have some Star Line Tour and Summer Paradise Feelings. Hasshi and Tottsu singling everlasting love to one another is great. Complete with sweeping arm gestures and onstage embraces.
Shori is the cutest singing Tottsu's solo, if the reports are true. And he. Actually claimed Tottsu as his admitted senpai.
As usual Hasshi has feelings.

"Practice is all you have been doing these days." Hasshi knew there was a bit of a whine in his voice but he couldn't help it.

His solo shows were almost over, their concert tour was half over, they were getting ready for Za, and practice was their life.

"Pot, kettle." Tottsu answered with a fond smile, and Hasshi had to choke back his reply. Instead he stared intently at his phone.

But.... But....He wanted to say you are doing all the extra practices with Shori

Hasshi wasn't jealous of Shori. Shori had excellent taste in admired senpai, after all.

But .... I should be the one singing your solo in my concert...

Tottsu enjoyed spending time with Shori, and anything that made Tottsu happy made Hasshi happy

But, I miss you.

That was the real issue. Hasshi missed his time with his favorite person.

"Hey..." Tottsu called out, his voice soft, and Hasshi looked up at him. Tottsu was sitting across the table from him. Eyes dark and intense as he watched Hasshi.

Perhaps Tottsu knew all the things he wanted to say.

Tottsu reached over the table and tangled his fingers with Hasshi's own. A smile widened on his face, his eyes crinkling at the corners, and for a moment Hasshi couldn't breath.

"I'm in love."

Tottsu sang softly, and here in a break room, not on a stage on Yoyogi, not in front of the fan girls, the song lyrics struck him more than ever. Here Tottsu and he did not have to hug, did not have to play up their fan service.

"Me too." Hasshi smiled brightly, his fingers tightening around Tottsu. "I am so very much in love."

alchemicink tag!
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