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[team one] i just hit the lotto

notes: this is more like the first part to the fic, the last part will be posted on my personal writing accounts when i get round to finishing it.
warnings: has absolutely nothing to do with exo’s ‘lotto’—be it lyrics or mv—zilch, nada, niente.

“this isn’t exactly what i had in mind when you said you were feeling ‘wild’, soo.”

kyungsoo, sitting on the far end of the couch, frowns at his best friend. “but this is the first time that i’m…” he looks around to make sure no one is eavesdropping, despite the fact that he and baekhyun are the only ones in the apartment. “gambling,” he finishes with a soft whisper.

“buying a lottery ticket is hardly gambling.” baekhyun rolls his eyes and slumps down onto the sofa, resting his head on kyungsoo’s thigh.

“tickets,” kyungsoo corrects and flicks baekhyun on the forehead. “i bought two. one for me and one for you. but if you keep raining on my parade, maybe i’ll keep them both.”

baekhyun scrunches his face, his nose crinkled and brows furrowed. observing kyungsoo’s smug grin, he huffs and folds his arms across his chest.

kyungsoo rolls his eyes and shakes his head, baekhyun’s always been melodramatic. brushing the loose strands of hair framing baekhyun’s face, kyungsoo caresses his best friend’s forehead with his thumb. he notices the skin has turned slightly red, maybe he’d flicked harder than he’d intended after all. feeling a wave of guilt, kyungsoo leans over and places a kiss on the affected spot. “there? is that better?”

baekhyun shakes his head with his lips still pursed in a pout. “again.”

kyungsoo knows the pain has faded, but he still obliges anyway, and gives baekhyun another peck on the forehead. “happy now?”

his best friend shakes his head once again and raises an index finger to his lips. wait, is baekhyun asking for a kiss… on the lips? kyungsoo dry swallows, his eyes glued to the soft pink of his best friend’s lips. kyungsoo shuts his eyes when baekhyun draws their faces closer, their lips almost touching when all of a sudden, kyungsoo feels a wet stripe being licked across his cheek.

“much better now!” baekhyun cackles before wiping his saliva off kyungsoo's face with the back of his hand. “so, what are you going to do if you win the jackpot?”

“buy a new best friend,” kyungsoo deadpans, furiously scrubbing his cheek using the cuff of his shirt.

baekhyun snorts. “as if you could survive without me.”

kyungsoo hates the fact that baekhyun is probably right. they’ve known each other for years, for as long as kyungsoo can remember. they were neighbours growing up, attended the same schools right through to university. even as fully fledged adults, they live in the same apartment complex and their offices are located across the street from one another. it’s safe to say that they spend almost every waking second together, and kyungsoo couldn’t imagine it any other way.

neither could his ex boyfriends for that matter.

why do i feel like you’re dating baekhyun and i’m the best friend?” and “sometimes i feel like i’m dating the both of you.” had been some of the reasons why kyungsoo found himself unceremoniously dumped, his relationships never lasting longer than several months.

baekhyun would turn up at his place with ice cream and kyungsoo would whine about the tragic state of his love life. “you’ll never leave me, will you?” kyungsoo would ask as he stuffed another spoonful of half melted ice cream into his mouth, already knowing that his best friend would answer with “you’re stuck with me forever,” just like always.

kyungsoo would be fine as long as baekhyun remained by his side.

“no, but seriously though. what would you do?” baekhyun asks again, poking kyungsoo’s cheek with his index finger.

“i don’t know, i’ll probably save mos—”

baekhyun interrupts him with by blowing a wet soppy raspberry on the back of kyungsoo’s hand. “boringgggg. you should live a little, kyungsoo. go out, have fun, get laid.”

“could you please stop with the licking and slobbering all over me?” kyungsoo wipes the back of his hand on baekhyun’s shirt. “and i’ll have you know, i have plenty of fun, thank you very much. besides, you can’t talk, you’ve been single longer than i have!”

a look of indignation flashes across baekhyun’s face. he opens his mouth to retort, but no words are spoken. instead, he slides to the other side of the couch, farthest away from kyungsoo as possible. “it’s not through lack of trying,” he finally mumbles under his breath.

kyungsoo wonders what kind of man would turn baekhyun down. the biggest fool of them all, he says silently to himself, too chicken to actually say the words out loud. instead, he chooses to tell baekhyun it’s their loss and a part of him wishes his best friend knew just how much he means it.

they watch the television screen in silence, each seated on the far end of the sofa, as they wait for the lottery numbers to be announced. it doesn’t take long for baekhyun to slowly scoot his way over back over to kyungsoo, nuzzling his face in the crook of his best friend’s neck.

“and now for the thunderball, which number is it going to be? and there it is... number twelve!”

kyungsoo’s hands are shaking as he clutches onto the slip of paper in his hand. “oh, my god. i won, baekhyun! i won! i can’t believe i actually won!”

“oh, my god! we’re rich! what was the jackpot again?!” baekhyun’s arms are wrapped around kyungsoo’s waist like a vice, crushing the air out of his lungs.

“not the jackpot, baek-ah. i matched two numbers plus the thunderball,” kyungsoo wheezes as he tries to pry his best friend off of him.

“and how much is that? a million? half a million?” baekhyun asks, tightening his grip.


“ten thousand? that’s still a pretty tidy sum of cash!”

“no, silly. ten, as in ten bucks.”

baekhyun lets go of his best friend, releasing his iron grip. “ten… bucks?” he repeats, looking for confirmation that he’s not misheard kyungsoo.

kyungsoo nods, bringing the lottery ticket to his lips and kisses it. “i’ve never won anything before, isn’t this great? but don’t worry, i’m going to split it with you. a fiver each!”

“how about this? if i give you my share, would you do something for me?” baekhyun asks.

there’s an expression on baekhyun’s face that kyungsoo finds a little unnerving. “it depends. what would i have to do?” he asks with an arched brow. what exactly is his best friend up to?

“let me set you up on a date,” baekhyun says with a wide smile and crescent eyes.

baekhyun must think kyungsoo a fool if he thinks that’s all it’ll take for kyungsoo to accept. “no.”

“just hear me out, soo!”



“—no. you have the weirdest friends. do you remember that one time you invited your friend over, the one who carried sand in his pocket? it’s been over a year and i still find sand whenever i clean the apartment.”

baekhyun frowns at him. “then you must not do a very good job at cleaning—”

“—or that other guy who didn’t believe in bathing. he almost broke my sense of smell. no, baekhyun, i’m not doing it. i’ll even give you my share if you drop it.”

baekhyun latches himself back onto kyungsoo’s arm like a koala bear. “kyungsoo, please. i promise you, this guy will be normal and you’ll like him.”

“if he’s so great, why don’t you go out with him?” kyungsoo asks, not wanting to be set up with someone his best friend doesn’t deem worthy enough to date himself.

“because he’s already told me that he likes you, has done for a while now,” baekhyun tells him.

“oh. i guess i’ll think about it then.”

kyungsoo finally caves after waking up to find 99+ notifications on his phone.

eoryndal, you're it! ^^
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