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[team five] not my problem

Chanyeol tries and fails to leave Joonmyun at the hospital. A continuation of my Master's Sun!AU.

93rdfragment, it's your turn!

He says yes when the receptionist asks if it's his first time at this hospital.

“What’s your relationship to the patient?”

“I have none.”

“But you brought him in?”

“He stumbled onto the road about fifty feet in front of my car and passed out or something. It's not like I could leave him there?” Chanyeol makes an impatient noise. He really doesn't have time for this bullshit, especially tonight of all nights. “If that's all, I really need to get a move on.”

“I'm afraid you'll have to take him with you,” the reception nurse’s tone is polite but very, very firm.

“What would I do with him? I never set eyes on the man till an hour ago. He's not my responsibility.”

“He's not carrying any identification papers on him so we can't contact his next of kin. We can't keep him so you're going to have to take him with you.”

“I refuse.”

“Just bring him back to his home when he comes to.”

Chanyeol’s palms are pressing into the counter, his knuckles like stark white points beneath his skin. “He's unconscious! Shouldn’t you be keeping him for observation?”

“He's not injured or sick or feverish. His vitals indicate that he's asleep, not unconscious. Your friend appears to be suffering from nothing more than a severe case of sleep deprivation. That, I'm afraid, does not qualify as a medical emergency, so you'll have to take him with you.”

“He's not my friend! He’s just some kid I found on an abandoned road, one who almost walked into my c--.”

“Not my problem,” the hospital worker’s voice is empty of inflection. Her right hand makes a sweeping motion at the rows of occupied hospital gurneys in the emergency room. “These patients who actually have to be here are my problem. There is no room here for someone with questionable sleeping habits. Just take your friend home, put him in bed and let him sleep. Have a nice day.”

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