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[Team Three] Not exactly vanilla

One last grin, then Juri sank to his knees. He licked at the tip of Jesse’s dick, teasing little flicks of his tongue that were designed to drive Jesse slowly crazy. Juri wrapped his fingers around the base of Jesse’s dick, stroking slowly. The size of Jesse’s dick always surprised him a bit, no matter how often he got to touch it and he was really looking forwards to having that massive thing inside him later on. He took just the tip of Jesse’s dick into his mouth, tonguing at the slit.

With his hands tied behind his back, Jesse couldn’t do much but moan and beg Juri to suck him properly. There wasn’t much chance of Juri giving him what he wanted any time soon though, since Taiga was watching and Taiga liked a proper tease. While Juri trailed his tongue around the tip of Jesse’s dick, Taiga let his hands wander over Jesse’s body, fingertips brushing over every single mole until Jesse was a shaking, shivering mess only held upright by Taiga’s hold on his hips.

When Taiga stepped back suddenly, Jesse nearly fell over, his tied hands throwing his balance off. Juri grabbed Jesse’s hips, keeping him from falling while Taiga walked over to his bag. Taiga dug through his back and pulled out three tubes. “Juri? What flavour lube do you want?”

Juri shrugged his shoulders, not really caring enough to stop sucking Jesse’s dick to answer. Since Juri wouldn’t choose, Taiga picked the vanilla flavoured lube and dropped the other two tubes back into his bag. When Taiga stepped up behind Jesse, Jesse spread his legs impatiently, eager to get on with it, to finally get Taiga’s fingers where he wanted them the most.

A corner of Taiga’s mouth quirked up. “Patience.” He slapped Jesse’s ass with the flat of his palm. Jesse yelped, hips snapping forwards, which pushed his dick deeper into Juri’s mouth. Jesse and Juri moaned simultaneously. Taiga rolled his eyes and ignored them, coating his fingers with lube. He trailed his fingers down the cleft of Jesse’s ass, ignoring Jesse’s begging.

Juri meanwhile had gotten bored of his teasing. Sucking in his cheeks, he was blowing Jesse for serious, bobbing his head and taking more than half of Jesse’s big dick in every time. He still used his tongue whenever he could and made sure to stroke the part of Jesse’s shaft that he didn’t take into his mouth with his hand. With his free hand, Juri stroked himself, moaning around Jesse’s big cock.

Taiga already had two fingers up Jesse’s ass and was considering his next moves when he heard Juri’s moan. He threw the tube of lube at Juri, confident that he wouldn’t need to explain. As expected, Juri understood immediately and coated his fingers with lube, then started to stretch and prepare himself. From his position behind Jesse, Taiga couldn’t properly watch Juri finger himself, but he didn’t need to - he’d seen it often enough and could imagine it well.

Taiga kissed the sensitive spot between Jesse’s shoulder blades, then trailed kisses up Jesse’s spine, nipping and licking at Jesse’s skin occasionally. He bit down on the back of Jesse’s neck, drawing a groan from Jesse, as well as more pleas. Jesse’s hair smelled really good, so Taiga spent some time nuzzling the back of Jesse’s head, enjoying the softness of Jesse’s hair against his face.

“Are you ready?” Taiga asked Juri, slapping Jesse’s ass again. There was no need to ask Jesse if he was ready - most days Jesse didn’t need any preparation at all and was perfectly happy to get fucked with just a bit of lube. The only reason Taiga even bothered prepping Jesse was because he liked to feel Jesse’s ass squeeze hotly around his fingers.

Juri let Jesse’s dick slip out of his mouth to reply. “Mh, I don’t know. Why don’t you find out for yourself?”

“Maybe I will.” Taiga knelt behind Juri and pulled Juri’s fingers free. He wrapped one arm around Juri’s middle, holding him close, while Juri continued to suck Jesse’s big dick. Slowly, Taiga trailed fingers down the cleft of Juri’s ass, teasing at Juri’s hole. He could feel how slick Juri’s hole was, since Juri had used plenty of lube, and when Taiga slipped two of his fingers into Juri, Juri moaned around Jesse’s dick, which made Jesse moan in turn.

“Whatever you did, do that again,” Jesse moaned, hips pushing deeper into Juri’s mouth.

“Nice,” Taiga murmured, curling his fingers. Juri clenched tight around Taiga’s fingers and with that, Taiga suddenly knew exactly what he wanted next. He twisted his fingers, then pulled them free before standing up. “Get over to the couch, both of you.”

Jesse sat down on the couch and grinned at Taiga, but Taiga just rolled his eyes and ignored Jesse for now. He shoved Juri down onto his knees, then pushed so that Juri was bent over the seat of the couch, putting him in the perfect position to be fucked. Spreading Juri open with his thumbs, Taiga pushed in slowly, enjoying every moment as Juri’s tight body slowly enveloped him. Juri’s fingers dug into the couch, holding on tight as he moaned.

Jesse whistled, leering down at both of them. “Damn, that’s hot,” Jesse commented, and Taiga was glad that he’d tied Jesse up, because otherwise Jesse would be touching himself, which would make this a lot less effective a tease.

Taiga rolled his hips slowly, his dick shifting inside Juri. Taiga slowly pulled back until only the dip of his dick remained inside, before slamming back in. Ignoring Jesse completely, Taiga snapped his hips, fucking Juri hard enough to rock the couch. Juri cursed, interrupting himself with a loud groan. Taiga didn’t slow down at all, fucking Juri hard and fast until was Juri panting for breath and clinging to the couch cushions for dear life.

Jesse’s leer slowly turned into a pout the longer he had to watch without getting any attention himself. “Hey,” he complained, “hey, Taiga.”

Taiga threw his head back, moaning showily. He was still pretending to ignore Jesse, but the lascivious expression on his face was all for Jesse. He licked his lips and turned his mouth into a cute little o, moaning breathily.

“Fuck, Taiga,” Jesse moaned, far from unaffected. “Not fair!”

“You want fair?” Taiga asked dangerously, hips stilling.

“You bet I do,” Jesse replied, ever the masochist. If Taiga wanted to “punish” him, that was more than fine with him.

Juri gasped when Taiga pulled out of him but didn’t otherwise move, staying on his knees where he was. He only turned his head far enough to watch as Taiga hooked Jesse’s legs over his shoulders and pulled Jesse’s hips forwards to the edge of the couch.

With his hands tied behind his back and his legs up in the air, Jesse was about as helpless as he could be, which was exactly as he wanted it. Taiga slammed into him hard and Jesse cried out with pleasure, begging for more even as Taiga slammed into him over and over again, fucking him vigorously.

Juri reached over to pinch Jesse’s nipples, starling a gasp out of Jesse, but most of Jesse’s attention was fixed on Taiga and especially on the force with which Taiga was pounding him into the couch. Taiga’s dick sliding in and out of him felt so good, driving Jesse higher and higher. The friction and burn of it was all jumbled together with the pleasure, making it more intense than gentle fucking could ever be.

“So easy, Lewis,” Taiga teased, drawing back suddenly.

Jesse whined when Taiga’s dick slipped out, leaving his hole stretched and twitching and unfulfilled. Taiga stepped back and motioned to Juri, who took Taiga’s place between Jesse’s legs with no explanation needed. Juri pushed Jesse’s legs back until Jesse’s knees touched his shoulders, leaving him folded double and very exposed. Only then did Juri push into Jesse, going not much slower than Taiga had.

“Mmh, yeah,” Jesse moaned, getting really into it. With his hips raised like this, Juri’s dick hit quite different places than Taiga had, making it feel even better. Jesse begged for more, for Juri to do him harder, hardly aware of what he was saying. He was always loud and didn’t care who heard him beg.

Juri had only been fucking Jesse for a couple of minutes when Taiga touched his shoulder. Slowing down, Juri raised an eyebrow at Taiga. Taiga grinned. “Do you want to ride Jesse’s dick, or would you rather have him pound you into the floor?”

“Hm, how about I ride Jesse while you fuck him?” Juri suggested, never shy of ideas.

“Do I get a vote?” Jesse asked, leering up at Taiga.

“No.” Taiga shut him down easily. “You like everything, you freak.”

Jesse laughed, not even bothering to deny the truth. It was true. He didn’t think there was anything Taiga could come up with he wouldn’t enjoy.

It took a bit of maneuvering, but Jesse soon found himself on his back on the floor, with a cushion under his hips. Juri straddled his hips and slowly sank down on his dick, moaning all the while. Juri was still tight, even though Taiga had already fucked him, which Jesse smugly pointed out.

“Shut it, Lewis,” Taiga replied, slapping Jesse’s thigh. “No one cares that your half-american dick is stupid big.”

Juri cursed when Jesse snapped his hips up, fucking Juri deep. Jesse grinned. “Seems like Juri cares alright.”

Resting his hands on Jesse’s chest for balance, Juri proceeded to ride Jesse’s dick, taking it deep every time. He moved maybe a bit slower than he would have if Jesse’s dick had been a more normal size, but he was still setting a good pace. Taiga meanwhile had gotten bored of watching. He knelt between Jesse’s legs and pushed them wider apart, then took a firm hold of Jesse’s hips, holding them still. He shoved into Jesse just as hard as earlier, setting up a quick rhythm.

Taiga moved one hand to Juri’s hip, caressing Juri’s skin while he fucked Jesse and Juri rode Jesse. With Jesse’s dick as big as it was, Juri didn’t have much attention to spare for anything except the dick he was riding, but he did remember to pinch and twist Jesse’s nipples occasionally. Jesse just moaned but wasn’t really able to move much, so all he could do was lie there and take it.

After a few minutes, Taiga suddenly pulled out and got up. He grabbed Juri by the hair and pulled him up, off of Jesse’s dick. Ignoring Jesse’s objections, Taiga pushed Juri over towards the couch. Juri didn’t argue, just lay down on the couch and spread his legs, offering himself up to Taiga. Pushing in, Taiga found Juri somewhat looser than before, stretched by Jesse’s giant dick, but Juri was slick and hot so Taiga didn’t care at all.

Juri wrapped his arms around Taiga’s shoulders, holding on as Taiga fucked him into the couch with short, rough thrusts that made Juri’s body sing with pleasure. Jesse had sat up and was watching and complaining about being left out, but Taiga simply kissed Juri, ignoring Jesse so obviously that he might just as well have been staring straight at him.

Taiga took his time about it, kissing Juri thoroughly. He quite liked Juri’s mouth and Juri’s panting breath and muffled moans were quite appealing, as was the way Juri’s fingers dug tightly into his shoulders. Juri wasn’t passive about it either, raising his hips to meet Taiga’s thrusts as best he could.

“Heyyy,” Jesse whined, pouting at Taiga. “Juri, no fair. Don’t hog all the dick!”

“Dick is not a finite resource, I’m not stealing your share,” Juri snickered in reply, but he did take pity on Jesse. He nudged Taiga’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s give this freak what he wants.”

“Fine, fine.” Taiga kissed Juri’s cheek before sitting up. “Get over here then,” he ordered Jesse.

Taiga stood up to meet Jesse, leaning up on his toes to kiss him. He dug his fingers into Jesse’s soft hair, yanking hard to make Jesse moan while Juri watched. Jesse was an eager kisser, his plush lips moving against Taiga’s, and even with his hands bound behind his back Jesse wasn’t exactly passive.

It was Taiga who finally broke the kiss. “Enough of that. Didn’t you want some dick?” He pushed Jesse towards Juri and helped him climb into Juri’s lap.

Jesse straddled Juri’s hips and sank quickly down on Juri’s dick, while Juri caressed his body and teased at his nipples. Jesse nipped at Juri’s lips until Juri opened his mouth and kissed him properly, their tongues dancing slickly. Rolling his hips, Jesse enjoyed the heat and hardness of Juri’s dick inside him, as well as the gentle touch of Juri’s hands all over his body.

Two of Taiga’s lube-slick fingers suddenly pushed into Jesse along with Juri’s dick. Jesse groaned - he liked to feel full, and this was getting better and better. Taiga made sure to spread plenty of lube around Jesse’s hole and over his insides, even though he was already slick and well-fucked, before pulling his fingers free.

Lining himself up, Taiga pushed slowly in, joining Juri’s dick inside Jesse’s stretched hole. Jesse groaned, bound hands clenching and unclenching. It felt good, so good, to have two hard cocks inside him, to be stretched almost beyond his limits. The burn of it only made it better, making him moan and pant for breath. If his hands had been free, he would have clung to Juri, would have clutched at Juri’s skin and held on.

Juri rubbed soothing circles up and down Jesse’s sides, holding his hips as still as possible to make it easier for Jesse to acclimatize to having two dicks inside him. Taiga was holding still too, now that he was fully inside, more patient than he usually was with Jesse - Jesse might have liked it rough and hard, but double penetration still needed a certain degree of care and time.

“Move,” Jesse demanded finally. “Give it to me good.”

Taiga kissed the back of Jesse’s neck, then dug his fingers into Jesse’s hips. Holding Jesse’s hips steady, he drew back until only the head of his dick remained inside, then slowly pushed back in. Jesse moaned and begged while Juri cursed, but both of them seemed fine so Taiga sped up, the next thrust already quite a bit faster.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Juri cursed, suddenly much closer to orgasm than he wanted to be. It just felt so good, the squeeze of Jesse’s body, the slick movement of Taiga’s hard dick against his, the warm, heavy weight of Jesse on top of him and of course Jesse’s panting moans and pleas for more.

Juri kissed Jesse’s shoulder, kissed the side of his neck and his jaw. He trailed shaky fingers all over Jesse’s arms and shoulders, doing his best to hold back, to delay his orgasm, but his hips were already moving on their own, thrusting up into Jesse as much as he could with Jesse’s weight heavy on top of him.

Jesse begged for more, begged Taiga to do him harder, faster, and for once Taiga gave him exactly what he asked for, pounding into him with punishing force until all the words vanished and Jesse was reduced to wordless screams of pleasure. Jesse came suddenly, his orgasm rolling through him like a big wave, and Juri followed only a moment later, thrusting up into him brutally hard. Taiga followed a couple thrusts later, pounding Jesse’s clenching hole roughly. Taiga spilled himself deep inside Jesse, his come joining Juri’s.

As soon as Taiga was done, he pulled out and yanked Jesse up by his bound wrists. Jesse yelped, his legs too shaky to hold him, but Taiga allowed him to sink to his knees quickly, and a moment later Jesse found himself bent over the couch, with his well-fucked hole exposed and twitching.

Come began to slowly trickle out of Jesse’s stretched, twitching hole and Taiga seemed content to watch for a minute or two, but as soon as it seemed as if Juri could possibly move again, Taiga grinned at him. “Half that mess is yours, so clean it up, Juri,” he ordered.

“Other half’s yours,” Juri pointed out, but he did move on shaky legs to kneel behind Jesse. He didn’t even need to spread Jesse open - Jesse’s hole was still stretched far open and clenching at the air occasionally. Juri leaned in and licked at the biggest streak of come that was making its way down the soft skin of Jesse’s inner thigh. Juri followed the trail of come upwards, licking up every drop and trickle until he reached Jesse’s hole. He lapped at the sore, stretched rim, soothing Jesse’s poor closing muscle with gentle flicks of his tongue.

Jesse moaned, enjoying Juri’s attentions. He pushed his hips back, trying to get Juri’s tongue deeper inside, until Taiga pulled his hair. Jesse just moaned, grinning up at Taiga. He rubbed his cheek against Taiga’s hand, hoping to get petted - right after orgasm, Taiga was usually a bit more affectionate. For once, Jesse was right. Taiga gently brushed his fingers through Jesse’s soft hair, rubbing at his scalp soothingly. When Jesse gave a pleased hum, Taiga trailed two fingers over Jesse’s cheek, caressing each of Jesse’s cute moles, then brushed over Jesse’s plush lips.

Jesse’s tongue flicked out, licking at Taiga’s fingertips. “Ready for round two?”

Next up is mousapelli
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