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first time for everything [yoongi-centric, ~550, g, au]

real!yoongi doesn't want to go to smtm but that doesn't mean au!yoongi doesn't have to go to smtm.


Firsts are always hard for Min Yoongi, but this one he truly hates, despises, wants to avoid as long as possible. He didn’t even know this first was waiting for him until a couple of weeks ago when he got called to the company building by his manager who sounded suspiciously cheerful and excited.

Yoongi knew he should’ve listened to his instincts and told his manager he had a cold or a hangover, that his laptop had suddenly exploded and phone caught on fire. And now he has to pay for not trusting himself and hanging up as soon as he heard his manager’s voice.

He has to do that by going on a show he has never wanted to participate in, one he has never even watched (ironic watching doesn’t count, okay), and most importantly, one he has mentioned on one of his tracks, and not in a completely positive light, either – oh, they’re going to have so much fun with that, aren’t they. Probably going to drag it through as many episodes as he gets to (has to) appear in, even.

Yoongi has no interest towards Show Me The Money and he’d rather eat a sack of needles than spend the whole day among thousands and thousands of stressed, hyped up and overly excited rapper hopefuls. Especially since he’s going to be extra cranky and stressed, and not excited at all. But the management has made it very clear that it is his duty to appear on the show, and preferably win, too (or at least get to the finals), so he doesn’t have much choice.

When the audition day comes it’s even more terrible than Yoongi expected, so he sticks his earphones deep into his ears and does his best at ignoring everyone. He does quite well at it, too, until he gets inside the building and it gets too hard put up with the noise and the masses of people anymore. So he sneaks to the hallway where the toilets are located, with a vague thought of going to sit in one of the stalls for a few minutes.

He doesn’t make it to the toilet , because just when he’s reaching for the handle the door suddenly opens and a man steps out, almost bumping into Yoongi.

“Shit, sorry ma- Yoongi-hyung!”

Yoongi looks up, meeting the eyes of a man who apparently knows him but who only looks vaguely familiar to Yoongi. The longer he looks at the man the more he remembers, though – he remembers hoodies and ripped jeans instead of the suit he sees now, he remembers messy hair (and cutting said hair, which didn’t make it any less messy) instead of the sleeked back bubblegum hair in front of him, he remembers a wide, warm smile exactly like the one that’s currently on the face of the man who almost ran over him at the toilet door.


“Hyung, what are you doing here? Are you a producer, too? But which team? I thought we’d already met all the producers…”

As it dawns to Yoongi that he has to explain to Namjoon that he isn’t a producer but a competitor, that he might even get judged by his old friend, he curses his manager, the whole company and especially the stupid tv show to the lowest hell for the millionth time.

your turn, faded_lace!
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