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[team three] You Say It

8/6 Nika's bday
Senga: Everyone has already wished you a happy birthday but I have one more thing to say... Thank you for being born.

"Don't say something so cheesy!" Nikaido whines when Senga sidles up close and repeats the words he said only a few hours earlier... through a mic for all 55,000 fans to hear.

Now, in the privacy of Nikaido's apartment, strong arms wrapped around Nikaido's waist, Senga breathes in deeply, content and knowing that Nikaido's just embarrassed, not actually mad. "But it's true," Senga murmurs in a low voice. "I'm so thankful you were born."

Nikaido ducks his head and Senga grins, feeling the sudden heat in Nikaido's cheeks.

"Enough already," he says, flustered despite them being alone. "Would you stop saying such embarrassing things?"

Senga agrees with a soft chuckle, deciding that there are other things they can do with the remaining minutes of Nikaido's birthday.

The next day is full of the excitement that comes with their last Tokyo show and the nerves of knowing they'll be filming the DVD footage tonight. Senga stares up at the wiring going straight across the width of dome, the video camera zipping smoothly this way and that as staff finish some last minute adjustments.

He heads backstage to take a shower and go through the rest of his pre-concert ritual. After he comes out of the shower, he slides onto the sofa next to where Nikaido and Kitayama are eating and talking about some of the camera angles for the DVD. He listens with half an ear, really just content to have Nikaido warm along his side as he runs the show over in his mind. Senga begins to toy with an idea he's pretty sure Nikaido will hate, but the more he thinks about it, the more he wants to do it.

The concert starts and he keeps thinking about it. He decides to just go for it as he waits for Nikaido to climb up to stand with him on the middle stage. Licking his lips, he raises his mic. "I always say it. You say it today."

Under the wide brim of his hat, Nikaido's eyes go round and that alone would make this all worth it. Senga's already grinning so wide his face hurts, but then Nikaido is saying "I love you" to him for all the world to hear and Senga's heart just bursts with happiness. He can barely hear the screams over the sound of his own heartbeat.

With the flow of the set list, Nikaido doesn't have the chance to confront him about it until they're struggling into their tight pants before the taiko sequence. To be honest, Senga's still bursting with happiness so Nikaido's protests just make him giggle.

As he stands to get in position, Senga squeezes Nikaido's hand. "You said you wanted me to stop saying such cheesy things. So I didn't."

Nikaido balks a little at this suddenly being turned into something of his own doing and Senga really wants to kiss him but knows he needs to get into position now.

"Can't wait to play that on repeat when the DVD comes out," he says with one last grin.

You're up orangegreenlove
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