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[Team Sonic] Quick and Dirty

Starting words from here!

"It's cute when you're panicked," Yasui murmured into Jinguji’s ear, fingers teasing at Jinguji’s nipples. Jinguji’s cheeks were quite pink and he was alternately pushing into Yasui’s touch and shooting worried glances around.

“I’m not panicked,” Jinguji gasped, trying to keep his moans down since the costume rack wasn’t exactly the best hiding spot. “It’s just your hands… and Genki…”

“He won’t mind,” Yasui replied confidently. He’d “accidentally” spilled quite a bit of whipped cream all over Hirano. From there, it wasn’t difficult to get Genki to “help” with the clean up, or to drag Jinguji away unnoticed.

Jinguji’s nipples were hard and pebbled, sensitive under Yasui’s clever fingers. Yasui licked at Jinguji’s left nipple, teasing at the sensitive flesh until Jinguji had to bite down on his arm to keep from moaning loud enough to draw everyone’s attention. Tugging on Jinguji’s nipple with his teeth, Yasui dropped a hand down to rub Jinguji through his pants. As expected, Jinguji was already hard as a rock, straining against the fabric.

Switching to Jinguji’s right nipple, Yasui sucked on the little nub, rolling it around with his tongue. Those cute little nipples were probably Yasui’s favourite part of Jinguji, they were practically begging to be touched and teased at. He pinched Jinguji’s left nipple, twisting it just a bit, then gently rubbed his thumb over it, soothing.

Yasui fondled Jinguji, caressing Jinguji’s dick through his sweatpants. Jinguji’s hips were pushing up against his hand, desperate for more. Grinning wickedly, Yasui nudged Jinguji’s legs apart and pressed close against him, then leaned in to whisper in Jinguji’s ear, telling him in great detail all the filthy things he could do to him. Jinguji shivered against him, fingers digging into Yasui’s hips as Jinguji pulled him closer.

The noises Jinguji made were even cuter now as his hips moved without rhyme or reason, humping Yasui’s thigh quite desperately. Yasui made sure to tell Jinguji just how appealing that was, how sexy his desperation and how cute his noises were, until Jinguji was a panting, shaking mess.

It didn’t take Jinguji long at all to fall apart, thrusting against Yasui’s leg and trying without much success to muffle his moans. Yasui petted Jinguji’s hair, quite amused at how easy that had been - unless there was post-concert adrenaline at play, it usually took him quite a bit longer to get someone to come in his pants.
Tags: *team sonic, fandom: general juniors, love ranger: orangegreenlove, warning: here tharr be porn
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