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[Team One] Team Bonding Trip IV

As trainees, DIA had never had the chance to be on a trip like this. As idols, they'd never had the time to go on a trip like this.

Becoming a trainee again had given Chaeyeon this chance--the chance to act like a young teenager again, to play with a group of other girls who she likes (after weeks and weeks of sharing rooms together). She has the chance to rock climb and abseil and listen to Doyeon tell them fairytales late at night.

And right now, she's sitting on one side of the campfire, eight other girls looking at her with wide eyes (one is just not looking at her at all), as she takes the opportunity given by her suspenseful pause in her horror story to toast her marshmallow some more. She tugs it off the poker with her teeth and squeaks in pleasure at the sugar rush it gives her. Combined with the rush of scaring the other girls, it gives her a confident high. She knows she can take her time.

"But what happened, Unnie?" Somi asks impatiently, leaning forward with her hands spread flat on the ground. Her expression, lit up by the heat of the fire, is a combination of fear and need.

Not all of the girls are scared. Kyulkyung is stroking Yoojung's hair, Sejeong is grinning somewhat too cheerfully at Chaeyeon (though that's par for the course with Sejeong; nothing affects Sejeong), and Chungha is looking around at the other girls calmly. Nayoung is more scared than Chaeyeon had thought she'd be, even though she's hiding it pretty well, focusing on hugging Yeonjung and Sohye close. Doyeon is far more scared than Chaeyeon had thought she'd be, trying to snuggle into Kyulkyung's other side. Somi stays in place, eyes wide as she stares at Chaeyeon without blinking.

Chaeyeon chews steadily, and swallows, before continuing, "There was the crack of twigs in the forest, and an eerie noise comes from the direction of the trees."

As if planned, there's a crack coming from the direction of the forest. Yoojung almost bursts into tears, and even Somi seems to be more frightened than before. Nayoung's arms around the two sixteen year olds get tighter.

Chaeyeon doesn't feel bad about it. She was learning scary stories to tell around campfires when she was twelve.

Another crack comes, and Yoojung, Yeonjung, Sohye and Doyeon are off like rockets, making their way into Chaeyeon's tent. After a whistle comes through the trees, most of the other girls go--either from fear or to check on them.

Sejeong and Kyulkyung remain there, warm smiles on their faces. "That was a nice touch," Sejeong says. "How did you get Mina to help you?"

"Aww," Mina whines, from the direction of the trees. "How did you guess?"

Chaeyeon laughs. "She likes scary stories," she just says. "She volunteered to help."

Sejeong laughs as well. "It was fun."

"There is actually an end to this story," Chaeyeon says, "but I don't suppose there's any point to finishing it now." She looks down at the marshmallows, blackening on her poker. "Want to help me finish these?"

"Of course!" Mina calls, running over, cracking twigs as she goes. She almost knocks the bag into the fire, but Kyulkyung rescues it. "I don't need to diet for another week!"

Chaeyeon smiles fondly at her, and sticks the first marshmallow into Mina's mouth. "There you go," she says. "Enjoy."

"I will!"

softboys whoo!
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