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[Team Five] Found Family

This is nothing but a fluffy sort of mama au ramble.

“You are going to get sore sitting like this,” Joonmyun softly chides as he slips his body into the small space between Jongin and the back of the couch. His fingers curl along the nape of Jongin’s neck, pressure sinking into already stiff muscle. Jongin lets out a quiet groan of approval.

Joonmyun continues massaging the exposed area as Jongin relaxes, his head pleasantly fuzzy as Joonmyun’s touch sends fizzles down his spine. Joonmyun leans forward, pressing a kiss to Jongin’s neck, an arm curling around Jongin’s waist.

“Come on,” Joonmyun urges, leaving another kiss on Jongin’s skin. “All this will still be here in the morning.”

Jongin knows that Joonmyun is right. It’s just so hard pulling himself away when he knows there are people out there - children - who don’t have the luxury of going to sleep in a real bed, who won’t wake up in the morning surrounded by parents who care for them just because they’re different.

When Jongin and Joonmyun got together, they vowed to do everything they could so no one else who was born with a mutation would have to live on the streets, would have to spend their life in fear, on the run like they did. It’s been seven years since Jongin was shivering in the shadows during a brutal downpour, just knowing he was going to die alone and unwanted. Joonmyun had found him then. Joonmyun had manipulated the water to fall around them and he’d wrapped Jongin in the only sweater he had.

The two of them created a life for themselves, and soon, began bringing attention to their plight. There are new laws in place to protect mutants, but it’s a slow process. There is still so much fear, so much mistrust on both sides. Progress is slow, but it’s there.

Jongin allows Joonmyun to help him off the couch, the press of his hand in Jongin’s a connection that brings Jongin out of his thoughts. He gets trapped there a lot lately. Joonmyun is a constant, a sweet breath of fresh air that Jongin can’t imagine living without. He’s the strong one, the glue that holds Jongin together when he feels like the shadows are ripping him apart.

Jongin slides into bed beside Joonmyun, fingertips gliding down Joonmyun’s back, whispered affection spilling from their lips, and Jongin finds peace when Joonmyun’s leg slides between his, holding him through the night.

“Are you ready?”

No. “Yes,” Jongin answers. His heart feels like it’s going to burst from his ribs, and his hands are trembling. Beside him, Joonmyun slips his hand in Jongin’s, squeezing lightly. Jongin looks over at Joonmyun, nerves easing at the soft smile Joonmyun gives him.

The room they’re standing in is bright white, standard issue government office chairs lined along the wall. They’d been told to sit as they wait, but Jongin’s full of too much nervous energy. It’s only been a few years since the Mutant Safe Abandonment Act was instituted, allowing people to safely hand over any child with mutant abilities to one of the local agencies. Jongin and Joonmyun stand in one now, waiting.

Jongin is just starting to get his thoughts in order when the agency representative, the one they’ve been working with for over a year, walks out with two toddlers in tow. Joonmyun makes a soft noise and Jongin glances at him to see the widest smile he’s ever seen on his husband’s face. There are tears dancing in his eyes, and Jongin finds his own vision growing blurry when Joonmyun kneels to the floor, releasing Jongin’s hand to hold out his arms.

Both toddlers come running over, fitting themselves in Joonmyun’s hold. Jongin crouches, his heart so full it could burst. Baekhyun, the older of the two, is glowing with a bright light, like he always does when he’s happy. His dark hair falls in his eyes, but his small hands grab at Joonmyun possessively. The other toddler, Chanyeol, is trying to climb Joonmyun. He’s always preferred being up off the floor.

Jongin scoops Chanyeol into his arms, smiling at the boy as Chanyeol latches his arms around Jongin’s neck.

“Congratulations,” Yixing tells them, his face full of sincerity.

“Thank you,” Jongin croaks, still trying to hold back his own tears.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol are theirs now. They won’t have to grow up in a group home meant for children who are unwanted because they were born different. They will have Jongin and Joonmyun who will love and cherish them for their entire lives.

Jongin only just remembers the papers he finished this morning, the ones he’d been so focused on the evening before, pulling them out of his satchel to hand over to Yixing. Now it’s official.

“You want to come home?” Joonmyun asks, his fingers sweeping through Baekhyun’s hair. Baekhyun doesn’t speak, but his skin shines brighter and he claps, raising his arms to be picked up. Joonmyun stands with Baekhyun on his hip and Jongin laughs.

“Let’s go home,” Jongin murmurs.

Jongin and Joonmyun arrived as a couple, but they’re leaving as a family. It’s the best day of their lives.

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