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Down By The River

Not done at all, but I have other deadlines to finish ;;
So here's something, I think?

The riverbanks were said to be magical - a home for creatures of the odd sort, a place no human should linger about.

Yet here Kim Taehyung is, finding himself enthralled by the beauty presented in front of him.

The sounds of the water flowing through the streams and sloshing against rocks fill his senses as he takes in the light that escapes through the leaves of the weeping willows and other riparian trees and cast shadows on lush grasses and cardinal flowers spread throughout majestic flower beds.

It’s amazing, he thinks, how something as ethereal as this exist in Daegu. It’s been months since he last came home to his hometown, the twinge of satoori easily coming out of his mouth feels like eating his mom’s perfect samgyetang after so long. He can’t help feel overwhelmed by the view before him, legs getting weak and skin needing to feel the earth beneath it.

There’s a different view in this perspective – everything is bigger and more magical. The skies a certain shade of blue as cotton candy skies slowly move with each other. The leaves rustling against the summer air reminds him of little children dancing to obnoxious music that is merely a whisper from his view 18th floors above ground. He suddenly feels chilly, like his worn out denim jacket, striped shirt and jeans are not enough for the summer weather.

Your turn, chuyeol!
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