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[Team Sonic] Magical Girl Sweet Yellow Bee vs The Crazy Weatherman

Starting words from here!

"No, the really big bag."

“You don’t need the really big bag,” Iwamoto replied, looking down at her sidekick. During the last fight one of Abe’s lightning bolts had struck Sakuma and now she was stuck as a tiny lion. Pets weren’t allowed on the train, so if they wanted to get to Takizawa’s Mysterious Shop of Magic, Sakuma would have to ride in a bag.

Sakuma dug her pink paws into the carpet. “I need space to move.”

“Aw, my purse is plenty big enough, see?” Iwamoto held her open purse down in front of Sakuma’s sparkly little nose.

Sakuma sniffed at Iwamoto’s purse, pink sparkles rising up from her twitching little nose. There was candy in Iwamoto’s purse, a phone and a set of keys, a leather wallet that was not nearly sparkly enough for Sakuma’s tastes, a romance book Iwamoto would probably deny reading, a pack of tissues and two lipsticks, yellow and pink. Sakuma climbed into Iwamoto’s purse, curling up around her pink lipstick transformation wand - even if she couldn’t use it while she was stuck as a lion, it was calming to have it close.

Iwamoto zipped her purse mostly shut, leaving about a finger length open. “Okay?” she asked, putting the strap of her purse over her shoulder more carefully than usual.

“‘Kay,” Sakuma replied from inside the purse, voice sounding muffled. “If some dude gropes you on the train, don’t hit him with your purse.”

“I’ll try not to,” Iwamoto promised, smoothing down her skirt. She could feel the warmth of Sakuma’s small body through her purse.

As it turned out, Sakuma didn’t need to have worried about that. Iwamoto wasn’t even halfway to the train station when a gust of wind carried away half the clouds in the sky, leaving the sky empty and grey.

“Abe-sama,” Sakuma growled, having sensed the disturbance even inside Iwamoto’s purse. Restless now, she prowled in circles within the confines. “North! He’s… on or near the abandoned school.”

Iwamoto turned north, her longs legs covering the distance in record time. She vaulted over the fence surrounding the abandoned building, then slowed down. The swirling of clouds right over her head meant that Abe, the Crazy Weatherman, was nearby. With her partner mostly out of commission, she couldn’t afford to jump right in as usual.

“We need a smart team member,” Iwamoto muttered to herself. Sakuma and her were both more brawn than brains, but the third teammate they’d been waiting for hadn’t appeared yet. It would have been nice if there’d been someone to think up plans for situations like this, where she couldn’t just fight her way through monsters.

Silently, carefully, she sneaked past scrubby bushes and old soda cans. She chanced a glance around the corner of the old library, and yes, there he was - Abe-sama, resplendent in his green and gold armour, cackling crazily while he stole the weather from Tokyo’s skies.

Iwamoto retreated far enough that the light from her transformation shouldn’t warn him. She set her purse down and freed Sakuma, whose pink fur looked decidedly ruffled. “He’s there,” she whispered, reaching for her yellow lipstick transformation wand. Holding the lipstick up, she murmured, “Yellow Candy Transformation!”

Yellow light surrounded her, filling her with warmth. When the light vanished a moment later, she was wearing a short yellow skirt with black stripes, a blouse in the same colour scheme, a hairclip of a bee, yellow gloves and black heels.

“Stop right there!” she yelled, running out to confront Abe. Striking a pose, she pointed a finger at him. “Sweet Yellow Bee is here to kick your ass!”

The Crazy Weatherman cackled madly, lightning flashing in his eyes. “You’re nothing, Sweet Yellow Bee! Without Pink Ballerina, you can’t beat me! All the weather will be mine! Mine! Mine! Ahahahahaha!”

“That’s what you think! Cotton Candy Cloud Attack!” Iwamoto whirled in circles, puffs of pink cotton candy flying at Abe.

A lightning whip appeared in Abe’s hand and he smashed the puffs of sticky cloud away with it, smearing candy everywhere. “Is that the extend of your powers? Hah!” With a flash of lightning, Abe summoned one of his minions. It was a man made of snow and wearing only pants that seemed to be drawn on with coal. “Sexy Snowman FukkaFukka, go!”

The snowman lumbered towards her and Iwamoto backed up instinctively. How was she even supposed to fight that thing? It was already soft and sticky, none of her attacks would do a thing to it!

Abe cackled. “What’s wrong? Lost your sting, Sweet Yellow Bee?”

Iwamoto’s eyes widened. A new attack! Of course! “Sugar Candy Bee Stings!” she yelled, throwing her hairclip at the snowman. Just as intended, her bee hairclip multiplied, and a dozen yellow flashes appeared as the bees hit the snow. Sexy Snowman FukkaFukka slowed, then slowly topled over backwards.

Iwamoto jumped over the snowman and advanced towards Abe. “Denounce your evil or face sweet candy wrath!”

Abe glared. “A point for you, Sweet Yellow Bee. But I am not without power!” His lightning whip flashed out, wrapping around Iwamoto’s body, tying her arms firmly down against her sides.

Iwamoto struggled against the hold, but the slithering lightning was too strong to break, despite her muscles.

“And now, you die.” Abe cackled, aiming his storm canon right at her.

Thunder and lightning flashed towards the bound magical girl.

“No!” Sakuma launched herself at Iwamoto, hoping that her small furry weight would be enough to knock the tall girl over. The tiny pink lion hit Iwamoto at about chest height, knocking her right off her feet. Iwamoto went down, the evil magic passing harmlessly over her.

Iwamoto hit the ground, bouncing a little. Sakuma was launched up by the bounce, just far enough that when she came down again, their mouths met. Pink light erupted and sparkles flew, blinding everyone. When the light faded, Pink Ballerina, in her pink dress and pink boots, was sitting on top of Sweet Yellow Bee.

Iwamoto grinned up at her. “You’re back to normal!”

Sakuma grinned back. “That was the weirdest kiss we ever had!” She pulled the pink katana from her hair and quickly cut Iwamoto’s lightning chains.

Jumping up, Pink Ballerina faced Abe. Bouncing in place, she pointed at Abe. “Repent your evil or face the consequences!”

“Never!” Abe replied, backing up slowly. His weather machine was almost, almost done stealing Tokyo’s weather. Couldn’t these meddling girls have waited another minute? “FukkaFukka, cover my retreat!”

The Sexy Snowman lurched to his feet, intend only on obeying his master’s orders, but Sakuma shouted, “Pink Ballerina high kick!” and knocked him down.

Iwamoto whirled her arms, threw her head back and yelled, “Sticky Molasses, go!”

Abe evaded the tangling sweets with a jump, but that gave Sakuma enough time to prepare her super attack, Pink Flying Backflip Kick. Abe crashed against the wall, looking stunned.

“Sweet Yellow Bee, that’s your chance! Purify him!” Sakuma yelled.

Iwamoto nodded, pulling her Queen Bee Staff of Redemption out of thin air. Twirling it around her fingers, she proceeded to do a series of complicated dance steps, culminating in a hair flip. “Sugar Bee Redemption!”

A wave of light hit Abe, lighting him up from inside.

“Noooooooooooo,” Abe screamed, darkness pouring out of his mouth and eyes. The cloud of darkness wavered for a moment, then descendet on the Sexy Snowman FukkaFukka.

FukkaFukka jumped up, cackling. “You may have won this time, Magical Candy Girls, but this is not over!” A stormcloud dove down and he jumped on it, flying away until his cackle faded away in the distance.

Sakuma jumped on Iwamoto, nearly knocking her over. “Hikaru! We did it! We defeated the Crazy Weatherman!”

“You’re back to normal!” Iwamoto replied, hugging the shorter girl tight. “Wait, who is that?”

Over by the wall where Abe had fallen a girl lay. She was wearing a green dress and glasses. Next to her hand were a book with magical runes and a green lipstick.

“That lipstick!” Sakuma gasped. “Could it be…?”

“That we’ve finally found the third member of our team?”
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