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[Team Two] Closet Talks

Chanyeol figures out the worst way to confess.

"At least we're together," Chanyeol says. But it's dark and gross and damp and all Kyungsoo wants to do is shove something in Chanyeol's mouth until he shuts up. Outside, Baekhyun is crashing around in the kitchen, knife in hand probably, looking for the two who broke his prized laptop, and Kyungsoo doesn't have to look at the guilty look in Chanyeol's eyes to know who the culprit was. A large thud sounds from the other side of the wall and Chanyeol laughs nervously. "You think he'll find us here? I did try telling him I was sorry."

Squished between the wood paneling behind him and a large nub that is most likely Chanyeol's knee, Kyungsoo raises his eyebrows. "We're in Junmyeon's closet. There's no way Baekhyun is going to even try setting foot in this room. Now be quiet, I'm not dying today just because you thought it would be a good idea trying to drink orange juice while watching porn on Baekhyun's laptop." Chanyeol splutters and Kyungsoo can practically hear his brain short-circuiting as he scrabbles for a reply. There's a lump pressing into his back uncomfortably and as he twists over to pull it out, he realizes to his horror that it's actually a balled up pair of underwear.

"Does Junmyeon even know how to do laundry?" Kyungsoo scowls, flinging the piece in Chanyeol's direction. Out of the dark, a soft wail sounds and then there is frantic movement as Chanyeol recognizes the offending piece of clothing thrown onto his face. His thrashing forces Kyungsoo deeper into the recesses of Junmyeon's closet to avoid Chanyeol's flailing limbs and he kind of regrets throwing the underwear in Chanyeol's face now. At least Chanyeol's finally stopped moaning about his life choices. If Kyungsoo had to sit through another ten minutes of Chanyeol complaining about his numb butt, he would have flung himself out of the closet into Baekhyun's warpath, knife be damned.

"I wasn't even watching porn," Chanyeol says, rather pathetically in Kyungsoo's opinion. "I don't watch porn."

"Is that why you have a bottle of passionfruit flavored lube in your bedroom drawer?"

There's a slight pause. "Goddammit."

"I mean, I'm not going to judge. I'm sure whatever your doing is still better than that kinky shit Jongdae gets up to," Kyungsoo says soothingly. To be honest, it's kind of fun watching Chanyeol squirm like this.

"Jongdae's just adventurous," Chanyeol attempts weakly and Kyungsoo rolls his eyes.

"Chanyeol, last time we used canes during dance practice, I told him, 'Jongdae don't fuck the cane,' and he looked me in the eye and said, 'Kyungsoo, I'm going to fuck that cane.'"

Chanyeol shifts again, this time causing his face to loom out of this darkness and he hovers over Kyungsoo hesitantly. There's a crack in between the door and the wall, casting a faint light in the space so that Kyungsoo can just barely make out Chanyeol's heavy lidded eyes and down-turned mouth.

"I just," Chanyeol says, biting down at the edge of his lips for a moment as if caught in thought, "I don't really need it you know. Like when I'm getting off."

"Oh." Kyungsoo reaches out to pat at Chanyeol's shoulder stiffly. "Cool for you," he says, feeling the awkward tension rising between them. "Now can you…?" He motions at the slowly decreasing distance between them and tries to shoo Chanyeol back. Instead, Chanyeol continues to press in, almost reminding Kyungsoo of an too big puppy as he makes his way into Kyungsoo's personal bubble. He peers down apprehensively, eyes dark and Kyungsoo resists the urge to press his fingers into Chanyeol's smooth cheek and push him away.

"I mean. I think of you, I guess. And that works."

Well. Kyungsoo blinks, not sure if he should feel flattered or creeped out. "Um."

As if finally realizing what he just said, Chanyeol clasps his hand to his mouth, eyes wide. And before Kyungsoo can say something else, he wrenches the closet door open and scurries out. There's another crash and a screech and Kyungsoo winces, assuming that Baekhyun had finally caught up with Chanyeol. With a sigh, he clambers to his feet and pushes out of the closet. It wouldn't do to have Baekhyun mutilate Chanyeol. At least not before Kyungsoo gets to him first.

You're up yomimashou!
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