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[team four] kiss me on the mouth (and set me free)

"There's no one else for me and I am lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life with you."

The applause rings across the ballroom that's enveloped in white and silver. The chandeliers glisten on everything its light touches, making an ethereal blanket on the entire occasion. Smiles paint each and every face, some even lined with joyous tears. It's nothing compared to the wide grin on Hoseok's face though. The way he's giggling to himself, one would think he's the one getting married.

Hoseok takes out his earpiece and lets it hang around his neck. He then turns to Yoongi, who's leaning against the wall, arms crossed on his chest. It's not that he doesn't enjoy weddings. He just doesn't know the people getting married enough to be overly ecstatic about them. If it were, say, Namjoon and Jimin getting married, it would be another story. Everyone--Jimin included--has been waiting for Namjoon to pop the question for ages.

"You look like you're having fun." Hoseok raises an eyebrow, biting on his lower lip as laughter threatens to escape his lips.

"I'm only here for the food," Yoongi huffs, pushing himself off the wall. Although he can't help the smile fighting to break through his own lips. "Always just here for the food."

"Aww c'mon," Hoseok teases, wrapping an arm around Yoongi's shoulders. "You've been coming with me to these things and you're telling me that you only enjoy the food still? What about that time you cried during the vows?"

Of course Hoseok remembers that. He remembers everything, especially the most embarrassing events in Yoongi's life. It's something that touches Yoongi most of the time, telling him that Hoseok values him enough to want to know even the little things about him. Granted they've been at this best friendship thing for years, so it's not like it's anything special. Yoongi just wants to think it's something special.

"I had something in my eye," Yoongi grumbles, elbowing Hoseok in the ribs but immediately patting it when Hoseok grunts. "Besides, you cried while guiding the best man through his speech."

Hoseok waves his comment off. "I cry about everything."

"That you do." Yoongi agrees, wrapping his arm around Hoseok's waist in turn to pull him closer to him. "I bet you'll cry so hard during your own wedding vows tht you won't even get to say a word."

The thought of Hoseok getting married both elates and hurts Yoongi. Because anyone who marries Hoseok is bound to be incredibly happy. And because, well, Hoseok is bound to marry anyone but him.

"I've already promised myself that I wouldn't shed a single tear during the entire wedding process." Hoseok defends himself with a pout. Yoongi purses his lips in an effort not to smile at how cute Hoseok's being.

"Oh yeah? I really doubt that," Yoongi replies with a chuckle. "You cry at other people's weddings, people you don't even know. How much more in yours? You'd probably flood the place and drown your husband."

They reach the small waiting room assigned for them, where there's a small screen for Hoseok to see what's going on in the wedding hall. Hoseok stands before it to make sure that things are doing well, while Yoongi sits on the couch, sighing as he leans his head back. He feels Hoseok shuffling around the room before he feels him settle down beside him, tucking himself under Yoongi's arm.

It's quiet for a while. Yoongi just breathing in and out, trying hard not to fall asleep, and Hoseok resting his head on his shoulder, hair brushing the underside of his jaw. It's comfortable and warm, just like being with Hoseok always is. A lot of his favorite moments with Hoseok are like this. Not counting the times when Hoseok cuddled to him because some guy broke his heart.

"I've been practicing you know," Hoseok speaks up and Yoongi's eyes flutter open for a second before closing again.

"What?" Yoongi asks, tightening his hold on Hoseok, his fingers tracing the veins in his arms. Hoseok's fiddles with Yoongi's bow tie. He tries hard not to swallow too hard as Hoseok's fingers brush against his neck.

"Not crying on my wedding," Hoseok clarifies.

Yoongi lets that thought hang between them before his eyes are fully opened and he's looking up at the ceiling. "Are you getting married? Did you propose to anyone while I wasn't looking?"

Hoseok scoffs. "Of course not," he says. "Besides, when were you ever not looking? You’re always hovering like a mom."

Yoongi bites the inside of his mouth, hoping that Hoseok doesn't feel how his heart beats a bit faster. "So how exactly have you been practicing?" he asks, instead of acknowledging his comment. "I'm wondering because I don't know why you'd be practicing at all when you aren't actually getting married." If Hoseok is dating anyone behind his back, he's going to be doubly hurt. At the very least, he would appreciate that his best friend introduced Yoongi to the person he's dating.

"Just... I've written down my vows," Hoseok tells him, very softly, as if this were something he wasn't planning on telling anyone and Yoongi is floored. Because if Hoseok's written his vows, this guy must be the real thing.

"That's..." Yoongi starts.

"Creepy, I know," Hoseok hurries to interrupt. "But--"

"That wasn't what I was going to say," Yoongi cuts him off, shifting on the couch so he can rest his cheek on Hoseok's head more comfortably. "You can do whatever you want, Hoseok, you know that right? When it comes to things like this, when it comes to your heart, you do what you need to make yourself happy."

Hoseok sighs, burying his face into Yoongi's neck, his arm coming around Yoongi's waist. "It took a while, but I think... I think I'm really finally doing that now."

So Hoseok's in love. That's a good thing. Yoongi wants for Hoseok to be in love and be happy. He deserves that. Taking a deep breath, he asks, "So how do the vows go?" He'll ask who the lucky guy is later. When he's ready to hear the answer.

"Telling you might jinx the whole thing," Hoseok says. "I haven't even asked him yet."

"So ask him," Yoongi says. "Or maybe you should ask him to go out with you first? Ask him out on a date? Or have you been dating without telling me, Jung Hoseok?" He pushes Hoseok off him and straightens on his seat to get a good look at his best friend. "Are you?" he asks, eyebrows rising up his forehead when Hoseok doesn't meet his gaze.

"The thing is..." Hoseok stays quiet for a very long time. Yoongi considers just letting it go. So if he is dating someone, so what? Hoseok knows that he never needs Yoongi's permission for anything so it's okay that he doesn't know. Just when he's about to open his mouth to tell Hoseok he doesn't have to say anything, Hoseok continues. "The thing is..." he starts again. "We've known each other for quite some time and I think... I think we might have been kind of dating all this time."

Yoongi furrows his brows, leaning back a bit at how ridiculous that statement sounds. How do you kind of date someone? "How do you kind of date someone?" he voices out. "If you've known each other for a long time, shouldn't you guys have sorted your feelings out for each other already? I mean, the signs must have been there. And if it was obvious, it wouldn't have been hard to talk about." He frowns further because if this is the shit Hoseok's been going through...

"Well it wouldn't have been if, you know, I'd been dating other people here and there," Hoseok reminds him, sucking his lower lip into his mouth, hands clasped together in a joint fist. "Besides, you know how I am with feelings and if I'm bad at it, this guy is so much worse." He chuckles a little, a fond look resting on his face.

"Oh Hoseok," Yoongi sighs, grabbing his hands in his and squeezing them. "The people you fall in love with... Well, if you've been kind of dating all this time... How long are we talking about exactly?" he asks, leaning back on the couch and looking up at the ceiling.

"Like ten years," Hoseok almost whispers. His hands are cold in Yoongi's and Yoongi pulls him closer so he can rub some warmth into them.

Yoongi chokes on his own spit. "Hoseok," he rasps. "You've been in love with him since you were sixteen? That's a long time! Why haven't you told him? And who is this guy? Why is he so shitty?" He shakes his head, doesn't ask why he's never known about this. And pulls Hoseok back into his arms. Hoseok sighs, hugging him right back. "Who have we been friends with forever?" he muses. "I'm pretty sure I know this guy, if we're talking high school days." He stiffens. "Please don't tell me it's Taehyung."

"Of course not," Hoseok responds, making a sound and burying his face further into Yoongi's neck. "Jeongguk would break my face."

"I'll break his face," Yoongi hisses and Hoseok laughs.

"You sure you can reach it?" Hoseok teases.

Yoongi kind of growls and Hoseok lifts his leg to wrap it around Yoongi's. "I'm trying to defend your honor here," he reminds him.

"It's not Taehyung," Hoseok assures him with a giggle. He pauses for a second. "It's definitely not Jimin or Namjoon. It's not Seokjin either. I think he's very happy being single."

Yoongi pouts. "Well if it's not any of them, who is it? The only other person I'm sure you've been friends with for that long is..." He lets the sentence hang like that. Because it's him. The only other person Hoseok has been friends for that long is Yoongi. And that can't be. It can't be him because--

"I think I'll tell you how my vows go," Hoseok interjects, a breath whooshing out of him. "I mean, you know, so you can tell me if it's any good."

"Hoseok..." Yoongi starts, mouth dry. Except he doesn't quite know how to finish. He isn't even sure if he remembers how to breathe right now. It's impossible that--

Hoseok clears his throat and pushes on. "I think I've always known that meeting you would change my life," he begins and Yoongi thinks his heart stops beating. Or it beats so fast he can't tell the beats apart. "You appeared intimidating and distant, but after getting to know you better, I realized that you weren't those things at all. You were kind, sweet, funny. You cared about people in your life more than you let on. And it was nice, being part of your small circle. I don't know how it happened, but somehow we became..." Hoseok shifts in his seat and Yoongi holds his breath. "We became best friends," he whispers.

Yoongi closes his eyes, his hold on Hoseok tightening in reflex, as Hoseok continues. Their memories throughout the years flash right before his eyes and he feels so, so full. Having Hoseok in his life, even without him doing anything other than existing, has gotten him through a lot of rough patches and made him feel so much more alive and motivated than he would have been otherwise. Hoseok brightened up his day, his countenance and his life. Yoongi was never the type to take things lightheartedly until Hoseok came along and balanced things out. Hoseok showed him that it was okay to be himself, that he can and should love himself because he's great the way he is. And while all of those things may be clichéd, it doesn't make them any less true. Because he wouldn't be who he is today without Hoseok. The Min Yoongi right now wouldn't exist without him.

Yoongi opens his eyes when Hoseok finishes. He's definitely not crying. Nope. He's not the sentimental, crying type. He tries to blink the tears away as he looks down on his lap and finds his fingers entangled with Hoseok's. Somehow, they just ended up holding hands like it was the most natural thing in the world and Yoongi thinks he understands now, what Hoseok meant that they've been kind of dating all this time.

"So what do you think?" Hoseok's voice is rough and quiet, like he's afraid of what he might hear. When Yoongi doesn't say anything, because he doesn't know what to say, Hoseok pulls away from Yoongi's arms and looks at him, eyes widening at the sight of his tears. “Yoongi, please say something."

"I think... I'm going to have to break my own face," Yoongi finally says. Hoseok's brows furrow, mouth hanging open in confusion. "If this is the way I've been treating you all these years, I'm so--"

Hoseok laughs and the next thing he knows is that they're kissing. Hoseok is kissing him. And it's messy and wet, but it's also perfect because it's Hoseok. Because whatever he might have thought before about Hoseok not ever feeling the same way as him has been debunked a million times over if those vows are anything to go by.

"So was that a marriage proposal too?" Yoongi asks, pulling away. Hoseok blinks at him, eyes glazed over with desire and something else that makes Yoongi's heart flutter. "Or was that you asking me out, proposing to me and telling me your vows all in one? I feel like I'm on the losing end here. I'm not cheap, you know."

Hoseok slaps his arm, face breaking into a beautiful smile. It almost knocks Yoongi off the couch. But then Hoseok's grin softens and he sighs. "It can be whatever you want it to be, Yoongi," he says. "We can take this as slow as you want. But, you know, ten years is really pushing it, I mean--"

Yoongi shuts him up with a kiss, which feels so good. "Yeah, yeah," he says, making a face at him. Hoseok chuckles.

"I love you, you know that, right?" Hoseok reveals and Yoongi blinks because his eyes are watering. They're words he's always wanted to hear from him and to hear them when he least expected them... "I've always been in love with you," he goes on, his palm resting on Yoongi's cheek, thumb catching his tears. He laughs. "I can't believe you're the one who’s crying. See, I told you I've been practicing not crying." He wiggles his eyebrows up and down.

"I hate you," Yoongi tells him. "But yeah, I'm in love with you too, you jerk."

For the record, Hoseok barely gets through his actual vows because of his sobbing.

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