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[Team Two] Snow Melts

Alright, so I wrote this really pointless thing. I've been dealing with some health issues lately so I'm not sure this is even something worth reading, but I hope someone smiles reading it at least. Have hot Snowman, since it seems those in Japan are dying in the heat.

This heat wave was proving to be a challenge for the members of Snowman. They did their work, but as soon as they were back to the safety of their dressing room, clothes flew in random directions. Nabesho was down to his boxers in record time as he laid down on the cool linoleum. Date momentarily wondered when they last time they had cleaned the floor was before he joined his boyfriend, deciding that the cool floor was worth it. Their bandmembers slowly joined them, each shedding the layers of clothes they were wearing before falling to the ground. Normally they would be on top of one another, but the heat made their bodies sticky and unpleasant to be around at the moment. Sakuma was the last to join their circle on the floor, moving furniture out of the way to ensure all of their limbs fit. Iwamoto made a motion for Sakuma to join them. Surveying his sweaty band mates, Sakuma smiled slightly. He wasn’t really as uncomfortable as the rest of them, his body temperature allowing him to still be comfortable. Finally choosing to join his friends, he stripped down to a tank top and his boxers before joining the circle on the floor. Nabesho reached out and grabbed his fingers from across the circle, a happy smile on his face. Soon more fingers joined until they were all connected in the middle of the circle. It was hot, they were tired, but at least they were together.

listea It's your turn <3
Tags: *team two, fandom: msm/noon boyz/snow men, love ranger: aleena_mokoia
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