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[team six] pencil to paper

this is so bare bones it hurts
also unbetaed

Life is messing with Sehun today, he's just sure of it. First of all he sleeps through his alarm and speeds through getting ready, skipping washing his face and leaving the house with his keys in his mouth and his laces untied, thankfully not tripping on the way to the bus stop. But then the bus he should be in time to catch is late too.

Not exactly the best first day to his life drawing classes, which he's already a little nervous for. He's never even drawn anyone in front of him before, but now they're going to be naked, too. As he sits on the bus, he hopes he can slip in and sit at the back without much notice.

If only he could be that lucky. Instead, his sneaking skills all come to nothing, all the students in his class and his teacher staring at him as he comes. Interrupting her lecture as they all sit at their easels with pencils in their hands. If that isn't bad enough, after being told he'll be spoken to later, he then has to go get his own easel, and squeeze in where he can, no where near the back.

It's then he notices the model they're supposed to be drawing, sitting on a table in a bathrobe, amusement in his eyes as he hides his mouth behind his hand. Sehun's mouth drops open and his ears completely tune out what the teacher is saying, despite much of it being repeated due to his interruption. But he can't help it, the model is gorgeous. Sehun can feel his hands sweating and wipes them on his jeans so his pencil doesn't slip through his fingers.

"This is Luhan," Mrs Park introduces, and Sehun's ears suddenly are able to hear her voice again, conveniently. "I hope you're all mature enough to not cause a fuss over drawing a naked man."

Sehun is sure he's mature enough, he's just not sure he's ready to see under the robe for other reasons. But too bad, Luhan sits on a chair designated for him and slips off his robe, placing it over the chair. Sehun wipes his hands again and picks up his pencil, closing his eyes for a few moments, listening to the teacher tell them they'll be doing short exercises in their sketchbooks first, only focusing on the outline of the body.

Sehun wonders how he's supposed to shut the centre of Luhan's body out of his mind.

Draw what you see within a minute, thirty seconds. A minute and a half, fifteen seconds.

Simple enough, except when he opens his eyes Luhan's looking at him and Sehun feels his cheeks heat up, eyes travelling down to his neck instead, his collarbones. Sehun licks his lips twice. Pencil to paper, quick lines-

The teacher announces time is up, and Sehun frowns at his paper, just a line on the page. He needs to focus.

When the mini exercises are up, sketchbooks are put away, Luhan changes positions again and they're told the rest of the day will be dedicated to a single draft. It takes Sehun a while to get into it, studying Luhan's thin but lean arms, his thick thighs -- but once he does, apparently he gets a little too into it, because before he knows it Luhan's putting his robe back on with a smile and students are flitting out of the stifling room for the fifteen minute break.

Luhan looks over to Sehun with a smile and Sehun's face heats up again, and he quickly grabs his things and gets out of there. He needs to move his legs and not look at the most beautiful human he's ever seen for a couple of minutes so he can breathe and stuff.

The rest of the day drags (except for lunch in which Sehun goes for bubble tea and kimbap and then before he knows it it's time to head back) and when class comes to an end, everyone finishes up quickly and scrams out. It's friday, after all.

Sehun on the other hand takes a little longer putting his easel away and packing his things, watching his teacher and Luhan converse. She thanks Luhan and Luhan shakes his head with a laugh, rubbing the back of his neck. Then they both spot him.

"Sehun-ssi, you're still here?" Mrs Park questions.

"He's making up for being late," Luhan laughs and Sehun blushes again.

"I-I really am sorry," Sehun says with a bow, "it won't happen again."

"I'm sure it won't."

Luhan winks at Sehun and Sehun swallows, throwing his bag over his shoulder. "See you next week,” he says to them both, avoiding Luhan’s eyes.

Sehun does not believe in the ridiculous notion of love at first sight. He also knows he's a few years past teenage years of puppy love. Yet all week he looks forward to seeing Luhan's face again. Friday life drawing classes. It's far more appealing to look at than any of his classmates, his teachers or the concept art he draws with his own pencil.

He frowns, rips the page out and balls it up and his aim is good for once, the paper landing in the bin when he throws it. His teacher spots him and he gets scolded for it, being told that practice is perfect, that he'll improve. He's forced to retrieve it from the recycling and flatten it out. Try again.

The art side of this course sucks. He just wanted to learn to make games.

When Friday rolls back around, Sehun manages to get to class earlier than everyone else. It wasn't even intentional, his bus just made good timing today. Luhan's not around but Mrs Park is surprised to see him. He grabs a easel and debates where to sit. Front obviously has the best view of Luhan, but then the back means nobody has to see his work and-

"Hey," Sehun hears, and turns around to find Luhan in his red robe. His jaw almost drops to his ankles again, but he shakes his head instead. Luhan furrows his eyebrows in a what are you doingg type of expression and laughs, coming over to the other side of the easel and grabbing it. "Let's sit you near the front."

Sehun blinks, once, twice, completely confused, but follows Luhan's lead, because really, how can he not?

"H-hi," he says, once they've moved the easel forward, because he realises he hasn't said it yet. His hands feel clammy already. "Thanks."

Luhan smiles and Sehun feels his heart pounding in his ears.

Today they're sketching with charcoal, doing multiple through the day, a little different to last time. Sehun gets to draw Luhan's side profile as he sits, Luhan lying down, Luhan standing with his foot on the chair, etc. Some of the poses are kind of stupid, but Luhan's a model, and unbelievably beautiful, so he looks good no matter what, anyway.

At lunch, Sehun's finishing a sketch when someone sneaks up behind him.

"Did you take art before this?"

Sehun gasps and turns around, Luhan right behind him. Already in his robe, though.

"N-no, so don't laugh."

"I wasn't going to! I think it's good for a beginner," he says, patting Sehun's head once. "Though, I don't know anything about art if I'm honest. Can't draw to save my life or anyone else's."

Sehun blinks. But you're a life model, he wants to say. But his tongue always gets tied, especially around Luhan.

Sehun's character designs end up looking like an anime version of Luhan. Except if someone else drew them they'd look a whole lot better. Nonetheless, he draws him at all angles, mostly head shots with sparkling eyes. He has to fill up his sketchbook with ideas so he draws him as an archer, alongside closeups of the black bow which looks like something straight out of Skyrim.

His teacher praises him this time, and he scans his favourite pose into photoshop, creates a background and spends the rest of the day colouring his character in. At least his poster will be finished with plenty of time to spare, it's just the essays he has to tackle.

Sehun stays late on a friday to finish up a sketch, and when he's done putting his easel back and has left the room, he finds Luhan standing in the hallway, fully clothed. It's something he has yet to see, which feels completely backwards. Luhan looks up from his phone when he approaches.

"Hey," Luhan smiles.

"You're dressed," Sehun blurts out, and then covers his mouth but Luhan laughs.

"A rare sight, I know," he smiles. "You out tonight?"

Sehun widens his eyes and walks alongside Luhan. "Ah, no, I'm off home."

"Not a party goer?" Luhan laughs.

"More like a... dinner goer?" Sehun says and then widens his eyes at his choice of words. "Um. That wasn't like. A hint or anything."

Luhan grins. "I'm not much of a crowd person myself. Being with a few close friends is good enough for me."

"Right? Especially if you accidentally go and get piss drunk, you know someone’s gonna look out for you."

Sehun learns that when Luhan laughs a little hard, wrinkles form around his eyes. "I did not expect you to say that."

"Me neither." Sehun's shy. That much is obvious. But for some reason, despite generally being extremely flustered around Luhan, he feels comfortable with him right now. "Maybe it's because you're wearing clothes."

Luhan laughs again and hits Sehun on the arm and Sehun could really spend a lot longer like this, surrounded by Luhan's laughter.

"What do you usually do at lunch, hyung?" Sehun asks Luhan at break when everyone’s filing out and Luhan's all covered up.

"Waste my money on something I should really attempt to make myself but hate cooking," Luhan grins. "You?"

"You waste most of your money on iced Americanos though, don't you."

"You noticed, huh?" Luhan picks his current Starbucks cup up and sips from the straw. "It's my lifeline. Black, no sugar. Bitter and delicious."

Sehun makes a face of slight disgust and Luhan's laugh sounds in his ears. "I don't suppose you like bubble tea, then?"

"Ah, I believe I saw you with a bubble tea the first day we met," Luhan remembers and Sehun's eyes widen at him remembering him drinking bubble tea as he sketched. "Not that you spoke to me that day." Luhan’s mouth pouts slightly.

"I'm shy," Sehun mumbles.

"Surprisingly, so am I," Luhan claims and Sehun raises an eyebrow. How can you be shy but be a life model? "Or maybe just a bit socially awkward might be the better way to define it?"

"I still don't see it. You spoke to me first," Sehun says. "And you still didn't answer my question!"

"I like taro bubble tea the most," Luhan smiles.


Luhan raises an eyebrow this time but Sehun only grins. Break is then over and Sehun groans, students filing back in the room as he waits for Luhan to take his robe back off.

"Get dressed," Sehun says to Luhan, who opens his mouth slightly before Sehun cuts him off. "We're getting bubble tea." Luhan's mouth makes an o shape followed by a wonderful laughter lined grin.

"So, why life modelling?"

"Take a guess."

"Either you have some kinda kink where you like people seeing you naked," Sehun starts and Luhan makes a shocked face, whacking Sehun on the arm who in turn laughs, "or it's the money."

"Ding ding ding! We have a winner!" Luhan exclaims, pausing to take a sip of his taro bubble tea that Sehun insisted on ordering. "You probably realised from the name but I'm Chinese. It wasn't all that easy to find a job when I moved over here. My Korean has improved though, obviously."

"Have you only worked here?"

"Nah, this is my second place. I saw an ad online and honestly? I was shit scared," Luhan says and Sehun nods along as he sips his chocolate bubble tea. "But I really needed money. Felt like it suit me better than being a stripper, anyway. I'm no good at acting sexy."

Sehun chokes on a tapioca ball and Luhan's eyes widen.

"You okay?" he asks even as Sehun hacks away.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." Sehun is not fine. And he’s sure his face is bright red. Luhan acting sexy, of all the things.

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