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[Team Sonic] Slow

Starting words from here.

Watanabe dozed back off, feeling warm and peaceful under the blankets. The third round of sex in the quiet hours after midnight was always his favourite, comfortable and without hurry. Miyadate was already fast asleep, warm and relaxed against his side.

Morning always came too early, his alarm much too loud. He hid his face against Miyadate’s shoulder, trying his hardest to ignore the insistent beeping. He felt Miyadate move and the beeping cut off. Watanabe could easily have fallen asleep again, sweet oblivion beckoning from just behind his eyelids, but Miyadate’s gentle fingers brushing through his hair drew him towards the waking world. “Morning,” he yawned.

“Good morning.”

Goosebumps raced down Watanabe’s spine. Miyadate’s voice was much lower right after he woke up, the sound enough to make Watanabe’s morning wood much more urgent. Watanabe rolled half on top of Miyadate to smile at his boyfriend from up close. “Hey.” He rolled his hips in slow waves, rubbing his dick against Miyadate’s muscular thigh.

Miyadate’s fingers tangled in his hair, pulling him into a kiss. Miyadate’s lips were soft under his, Miyadate’s skin was warm, and Miyadate was pulling his hair just hard enough to make him want more. Watanabe was vaguely aware that he was already making noises, louder than he probably should this early in the morning, but it was hard to care when Miyadate fit so perfectly against him.

Watanabe shifted until he was completely on top of Miyadate and lined their dicks up so that they rubbed against each other. Rolling his hips, he enjoyed the friction - Miyadate felt hot and hard and perfect against him. There wasn’t much noise, apart from his own low moans. They’d made sure ages ago that the bed wouldn’t creak and Miyadate never made much noise, except when he was close to coming.

The gentle caress of Miyadate’s hands against his back made Watanabe want to melt, while the slow movements of Miyadate’s hips nearly drove him out of his skin with want. Watanabe trailed kisses over Miyadate’s face, quite smitten by the way Miyadate’s eyes fluttered shut.

Tangling his fingers in Miyadate’s hair, Watanabe tugged, turning Miyadate’s head to the side so that he could reach the sensitive spot behind Miyadate’s ear. When he brushed his lips over the hidden spot, Miyadate shivered underneath him. Watanabe licked at the sensitive skin, switching to nibbling on the shell of Miyadate’s ear and sucking on his earlobe occasionally.

Miyadate’s fingers dug into Watanabe’s back, holding on tight. Their hips moved together, dicks sliding against each other, slow waves that would have been a tease if it wasn’t so good. The familiarity of Miyadate’s touch, the smell of his skin, the sound of his breathing, all of these drove Watanabe closer and closer to fulfillment.

“Shota,” Miyadate murmured, voice low. “Shota.”

A pleasant shiver went down Watanabe’s spine at the sound. Miyadate kept repeating his name, over and over, which was better than any dirty talk, especially when Miyadate’s voice sounded like that.

It was actually Miyadate who came first, clutching at Watanabe, hips moving out of rhythm. Miyadate hid his face against Watanabe’s neck, muffling the sound of his moans so that Watanabe was the only one to hear them. Watanabe followed a moment later, his come joining Miyadate’s between their stomachs. He was quite a bit louder than his boyfriend, moaning shamelessly.

Aftershocks shivering through him, Watanabe kissed Miyadate again, all panting and breathless. Miyadate’s hold on him was equally shaky and Miyadate’s kiss was a lot less skillful than usual, which Watanabe just found adorable.
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