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This is still unfinished for the next segment in the SNG situation story, and will be finished soon (oops).

daestruct will be skipping this week so the torch is passed on to lotusk for this week! Good luck and happy writing!

Getting home, the first thing that Jimin decides is that he's never going to listen to Taehyung's stupid ideas ever again, especially where kinks and craigslist are involved. Of course, it's as he's shaking off the snow from his jacket and trying to regain feeling in his frozen face that Jimin realizes he's forgotten something at his 'engagement': his hat.

"I don't want to go back," Jimin says defiantly when Taehyung finds him and asks him why he's seemingly trying to pull his hair out in frustration. "This was the worst, the worst idea you've ever had."

"Why?" Taehyung asks, head cocking to the side in perfect mockery of a confused chicken.

"One," Jimin says, pulling off his soaked and freezing socks. "Because I am pretty sure I got frost bite. Two, I didn't figure anything out aside from that shoveling is about the same as exercising with a wii. Three, there was nothing sexy about it. At all."

"Okay, but did you enjoy it?" Taehyung asks as Jeongguk pops his head into the hall, observing the conversation with wide curious eyes. "Like, you like working out and stuff, and this was working out and doing nice things for someone who appreciated all of that."

"So what?" Jimin huffs. He's tired. There is still ice where ice shouldn't be, his back hurts from bending down and standing up and throwing snow and repeating all of those steps in various order. "I can't believe I let you talk me into that. It's the stupidest fucking thing."

"That's what I said," Jeongguk mumbles but Taehyung huffs and sighs, stepping forward and flinging an arm over Jimin's shoulders.

"Jimin," Taehyung says, leaning in close and shaking his head. "Jimin, Jimin, Jimin, Jimin, Jimin."

"Congratulations," Jimin tells him, irritably. "You have proven to me you know my name. My concerns have been banished."

"You were concerned?" Jeongguk asks.

"You're missing the point," Taehyung says, squeezing Jimin into his side with a very strong arm hold.

"No, I think I got the point, and the point wasn't for me." Jimin slumps though, letting Taehyung attempt to merge them. Fighting is useless. Sometimes Taehyung is like those Chinese finger traps, the more you struggle, the less likely you'll ever get out and see the light of freedom. Usually, Jimin doesn't mind, and this dissolves into a competition of who can out-cuddle the other.

Now is not that time. Jimin is tired and not needy for anything except a shower and hot chocolate.

"Maybe you did it wrong," Jeongguk offers as Taehyung drags Jimin into the living room and onto the couch. "Tell me - us - everything, and we can -"

"It wasn't hot," Jimin deadpans. "It was just shoveling some guy's driveway for him and doing manual labor for jack."

"But you like doing physical labor," Taehyung says, poking Jimin in the cheek as Jeongguk goes to the kitchen. "Remember that time you kept offering to do Seokjin's yard work until he finally snapped and told you he needed to garden his own garden or else he'd feel like he'd neglected the environment?"

"That was Yoongi," Jimin reminds. "And I'm entirely sure that wasn't a selfless act of generous gardening."

"Whatever, my point is still totally valid," Taehyung brushes off. "You help old ladies carry their groceries and sign up to do community service for fun. Did you like shoveling?"


"Did your abs like shoveling?"

"My abs aren't sentient," Jimin reminds as Jeongguk brings back a few mugs of steaming hot chocolate.

"Well, you'll never know what they thought if you don't ask them," Taehyung adopts a scolding tone Jimin does not appreciate. "Jeongguk asks his abs stuff all the time."

"And thighs," Jeongguk adds, taking a sip of his hot chocolate which is more marshmallows than hot chocolate. "My abs like me more though because they don't have to suffer pants."

"See?" Taehyung says, gesturing to Jeongguk and handing Jimin a hot chocolate.

The mug is warm, soothing and immediately the smell of liquid chocolate with a hint of chili spice wafts into Jimin's senses. It's comforting, and he finds himself melting into the couch a bit, feeling perhaps a bit less agitated as the rest of his body defrosts.

There's something magical about hot chocolate like that, where it can just totally return Jimin's humanity in a dark moment of exhaustion and frustration at a failed exhibitionist chore kink date (is it a date? Does that count? Do people date via craigslist or just meet up to have creative sex?).


"No," Jimin says. "I don't see."

"What is it that's making you dislike it, then?" Taehyung asks.

"All of it," Jimin answers petulantly. Truthfully, if Jimin were going to be 100% honest with himself, the whole thing hadn't actually been terrible. In truth, Jimin had arrived nervous and kind of uncomfortable, kept pausing and felt extremely self-conscious as he tried to figure out what to do exactly, but then...

Then Jimin had started shoveling, and the thing is, he enjoyed it. A little, not a lot, but there was something about shoveling and clearing all that snow and the repetitive rhythm of doing that basic task while knowing that it was being appreciated, he was being appreciated for doing something, was kind of nice. That part, he'd liked, actually. The falling over and hitting patches of ice and getting snow down the back of his jacket he hadn't liked, but the whole experience hadn't been totally terrible.

Granted, there wasn't anything that had felt 'sexy' about it, but the whole thing? The entire actual shoveling experience, Jimin hadn't hated. In fact, he might even consider doing it again.

Then he'd finished, and it had just, well, ended. It had been a bit of a let down, and Jimin still isn't sure what he was expecting to have happen. A thank you, perhaps, but of course as soon as he thought of that, his beautiful brain conjured up the image of a middle aged white dude emerging from the house looking like he'd just fucked himself with a spatula handle and Jimin quickly reconsidered and booked it.

That, in truth, had been the first thing to sour the whole experience. The second, of course, had been that he'd had to go back home and the buses, because of the storm, were delayed and he'd been stranded for a good thirty minutes at the stop freezing his various extremities. In actuality, that whole aspected immediately after the actual 'shovel and go' had been mostly what had reduced Jimin to swearing it off entirely and observing the whole thing negatively rather than in a neutral zone.

Thus, here he sits now, the entire experience disenchanted, with Taehyung and Jeongguk watching him expectantly for a total recall of the events and his emotional and, perhaps, carnal reactions.

"All of it?" Jeongguk repeats, and a flicker of intense concern passes over his face. "You really hated it that much?"

"I thought you couldn't hate anything," Taehyung says, worry seeping into his voice as well. "Jiminnie-"

"No," Jimin says, looking at them both. It's better now, warmer now with the hot chocolate and the thawed limbs. "No, it's- look, it just wasn't my thing, okay?"

"Not even a little bit?" Taehyung asks quietly.

Jimin turns to him, fully intent on telling him, no, not even a little bit, and gets hit full force with one of Taehyung's intense looks, the kind that is all eyes and all Taehyung in full examining and absorbed analysis of Jimin. It's a show stopping look, the kind of look that always shorts out Jimin's thinking, mostly because this look suggests Jimin's purposefully avoiding thinking about something (which he is) and that it's probably a good idea for him to think about it.

"I-" Jimin starts to say, and then pauses, glancing between Jeongguk and Taehyung. He closes his mouth, walking backwards in his head, physically, temporally, and emotionally.

"We'll give you some time to think and process," Jeongguk says, picking up his and Taehyung's hot chocolate and getting to his feet.

"I'm not so su-" Taehyung begins right before Jeongguk gives him a very pointed look that isn't remotely subtle in saying 'yes we are, get the fuck up right now.' "Yeah, we're gonna give you some space to really think this over. If you need us, we-"

"Will be playing Final Fantasy VII," Jeongguk answers.

"Again?" Taehyung begins to whine, slumping back into the couch. "But we-"

"Crisis Core," Jeongguk adds with a pointed look.

"Fine," Taehyung amends. "But we're watching Advent Children tonight and I get to say all the lines and you can't tell me to stop."

"Deal," Jeongguk says, and finally turns to smile at Jimin. "Take as long as you need to figure out your feelings about sexual shoveling."

There really isn't much that Jimin can think to reply to that as Taehyung untangles himself from the couch and tries to respond to that kind of statement. So it is that all Jimin manages to get out as his mind is still in full processing while Taehyung is already discussing Sephiroth is the word, "thanks."

"No problem," Jeongguk says, grinning and flashing Jimin an encouraging thumbs up.
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