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[team one] i'll break those walls around your heart

This is unfinished and mostly written in a sleepy stupor because I wanted something to post before bed. Part of my haken mortal instruments AU with warlock Hakyeon and faerie Jaehwan, a sort of backstory part I'm working on!

Love, he thought, is not for him. Love is not for immortals, not when the lives of mortals are lost so easily, so swiftly.

Hakyeon loved in the past. He doesn't need it again.

He glances at Jaehwan, sleeping soundly next to him. The faerie looks so peaceful, with even a small smile on his lips. But Hakyeon doesn't want him there.

It's the second time they slept together, which was never meant to happen, but Jaehwan came around once again, eager and insistent with soft lips and deft hands. Hakyeon very rarely allows people to re-enter his bedroom like this. There are exceptions, of course, but they mostly apply to his friends. Not runaway faerie knights.

After a long while contemplating and watching he nudges Jaehwan with his foot. "Hey," he says. "Get up."

Jaehwan makes a soft sound as his eyes slide open, taking a moment to focus his gaze on the warlock that nudged him. "What," he says, and he looks tired but also like he's quite enjoying Hakyeon's bed. It's only a little appealing to have something so beautiful between his sheets.

"You should leave," Hakyeon tells him simply. There's no point in drawing it out. Though it makes Jaehwan look disappointed, a slightly disgruntled look on his face.

"Why? Expecting someone?"


The faerie doesn't look very convinced, but he shrugs anyway and steps out of bed. "I sure hope it's not some lover you're hiding me from," he says casually. "That would be embarrassing."

Even if Hakyeon isn't planning on seeing him again that doesn't stop him from appreciating Jaehwan's body as he watches the other pick up his clothes from the floor. Faeries are gorgeous, dangerously ethereal. It's probably in Hakyeon's best interest to get Jaehwan out of his life before he decides he wants to act more like his kind again. It would be so easy to fall prey to his charms if he wanted to.

"Well, this was fun," Jaehwan says after getting dressed, hand on the door handle. There's a grin gracing his lips. "See you around soon."

"That's-" Hakyeon starts, but Jaehwan is already out of the door.

That's not going to happen, he wanted to say, but of course a faerie would ignore that. He tries not to grumble as he pulls the bed cover over his entire body, sighing at the loss of warmth. Maybe he should find someone else before he sees Jaehwan again.

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