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[Team Three] Demon Tamer

“Monster?” Taiga asked, voice dangerously low.

“Uh.” Hokuto suddenly realized that his word choice might not have been the best. He quickly tried to backtrack. “Your horns are really cute?”

Taiga’s eyes narrowed, which was rather more intimidating than it could have been since he had a couple more eyes than average.

“Why don’t we work on fixing this mess,” Juri intervened, dragging Hokuto away before Hokuto could dig himself in any deeper.

Taiga turned his glare on Shintaro, pink tail twitching aggressively behind him. “Can’t you just sneeze already,” he demanded.

Shintaro stopped poking his nostril with the rolled up tissues. “I’m trying, it’s not happening.” It wasn’t even his fault, really. Sure, it was his magic that had summoned Taiga. And yes, he’d sneezed on Taiga. But it was Hokuto who’d been talking about Pokemon and Juri who’d been talking about demons and curses. If it had been just one or the other, he would have been able to fix this easily, even if he was only a beginner practicing for his first exam, but a double-tangled sneeze spell was a bit beyond his abilities and Hashimoto wasn’t answering his phone.

“If I’m not home in an hour, I’m taking your screaming souls with me when I leave,” Taiga growled, gold-striped fur rippling dangerously as he moved.

“Aw, don’t worry, Shin-chan will fix it. You’re too pretty to frown like that,” Jesse reached over and tweaked one of the cute little horns poking out of Taiga’s blond hair, “and these are really cute.” He yanked his hand back just in time as Taiga snapped his teeth at him.

“Feisty,” Juri commented.

“I’ll give you feisty,” Taiga snapped, reaching the end of his patience. The next person who called him cute would definitely get to feel his claws.

“Okay, okay, let’s all calm down. Shin-chan, what exactly did you do? If we know how you messed up, we might be able to figure out how to undo this,” Kouchi asked, finally looking up from the ancient tome he’d been studying. He’d been trying to find what kind of demon Taiga was, but he was more than halfway through the book already and hadn’t gotten a match yet. He must have overlooked something, because anything higher than that he wouldn’t have been able to summon, even though he was fifth level already. There was no way a beginner like Shintaro could have…

“I did it exactly as I was supposed to,” Shintaro snapped. He gestured at Taiga in all his winged, horned, leather pants wearing glory. “That guy just showed up!”

Taiga very much looked as if he wanted to shake Shintaro, but luckily Shintaro had aced the protective circle so Taiga could not actually reach anyone who didn’t step into his personal space first to fondle his horns. “Call me ‘that guy’ again and I’ll rip your tongue out.”

Shintaro blinked, eyes flickering to Taiga’s flat chest and back up. “You’re a girl?”

There were actually sparks when Taiga threw himself at the protective barrier keeping him from disemboweling Shintaro. “You!”

“Whoa, whoa, calm down,” Juri said, making shushing motions at Shintaro. “Don’t tease the demon,” he mouthed behind Taiga’s back.

Taiga rolled his eyes. “I have eyes on the back of my head, you know.”

“Yeah?” Juri asked, stepping closer. “Are they as nice as the ones in your face?”

Taiga reached back, brushing aside a few strands of blond hair to reveal a pink, slit-pupiled eye that was glaring straight at Juri.

Juri whistled. “Hey there,” he began, but Hokuto interrupted him.

“I got some pepper from the kitchens,” Hokuto waved the small jar of spice around under Shintaro’s nose, “so we can at least undo the sneeze lock. Maybe then we can dismiss the demon.”

Taiga drew himself up straight. “No one dismisses me,” he said haughtily.

When Shintaro sniffed at the jar of pepper, his nose did itch a bit, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t sneeze. Hokuto tried throwing a pinch of pepper into Shintaro’s face, but that only made Shintaro’s eyes water. Tilting his head back and to heighten the chance of breathing some of it in didn’t help either. Whether or not Jesse was actually trying to help when he whacked Shintaro in the face with a feather duster was debatable.

“Maybe slam some of Kouchi’s old books closed?” Jesse suggested. “The dust always makes me sneeze.”

“You’re NOT slamming ancient, irreplaceable books around,” Kouchi interjected, glancing up from his book. His eyes widened. “Juri! What are you doing?!”

“Keeping our demon from going on a boredom induced rampage?” Juri replied, fingers still trailing over the smooth, leathery surface of Taiga’s wings. Taiga’s right hand was tangled in Juri’s hair, but Juri didn’t seem at all worried by the proximity of claws to his face. Taiga’s fangs didn’t seem to bother him either, or at least they didn’t stop him from kissing the demon deeply.

“Is anyone surprised?” Jesse cackled.

“That is not a solution,” Shintaro grumbled. “I didn’t summon a lust demon.”

Slipping his hands up under Taiga’s silk shirt, Juri ignored the grumbling. Taiga’s skin was smooth and hot and the cute little noises Taiga was making against his tongue were adorable. He was pretty sure the little moans were quiet enough that none of the others could hear them. When he brushed his thumb over one of Taiga’s nipples, Taiga gasped and Juri grinned - this pretty demon was amazingly sensitive. “My bed has silk sheets,” he murmured.

“Is that an invitation?” Taiga asked, eyes lighting up.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Kouchi intervened. “Juri, you can’t take the demon out of the protective circle. If he gets loose, he’ll slaughter everything that moves until sunrise.”

Juri waved Kouchi’s concerns off. “My room’s got wards stronger than this,” he explained. Turning back to Taiga, he asked, “Will you let me bind you?”

The corner of Taiga’s mouth rose up into a lopsided smile. “Kinky.”

“This is not safe,” Kouchi muttered, but he didn’t make any attempt to stop Juri - Juri’s bindings were the strongest of them all and Juri seemed to instinctively know what he could get away with.

Taiga turned around, drew his wings tight against his body and crossed his wrists behind his back, allowing Juri to bind him. With a short moment of concentration, Juri called up a chain of light, wrapping the glowing spell securely around Taiga’s wrists. It wouldn’t hold a demon for long, but it should give Juri time enough to draw a circle or cast a spell or two if Taiga decided to break loose.

With Taiga securely bound, Juri waved his hand at Shintaro’s protective circle, creating an opening wide enough for Taiga to step through - no point in breaking the circle, since Shintaro needed to keep practicing and would just need to draw another if Juri destroyed this one.

Taiga eyed Shintaro for a moment, clearly considering if it was worth the effort to break his chains and defeat five wizards just to eat him, but Juri put his hand on Taiga’s hip and nudged him towards the door, making the decision for him. Jesse and Hokuto followed along behind, making sure Taiga didn’t run amok through the halls before Juri could seal him into his room.

The runes on Juri’s doorframe glowed bright blue as Taiga stepped through, but Juri had enough control over his magic to keep his wards from attacking a demon he had invited in.

As soon as the door closed, Juri pushed Taiga against the wall, kissing him again. One of Juri’s hands wandered under Taiga’s shirt again, the other hand dropping down to squeeze Taiga through his leather pants. Taiga moaned, claws retracting - he could just as well kill Juri after Juri’d gotten him off, even if they were alone and this was the perfect opportunity.

Juri slowly kissed his way along Taiga’s jaw and down his neck, licking and nipping at the demon’s soft, pale skin. He’d never seen anyone as pale as Taiga, but since there was no sun in hell, it was no surprise. Taiga’s silk shirt suddenly vanished and Juri chuckled - that was one of the advantages of fucking another magic user. Getting naked was a lot easier when you could vanish your clothes with a thought, especially since he wasn’t sure how he would have gotten Taiga’s shirt off without magic, wings and chained arms making undressing a lot more complicated.

Licking at Taiga’s pretty little nipples, Juri proceeded to explore all of Taiga’s smooth skin. Taiga was amazingly responsive, moaning at every touch and arching into every caress. Juri would have liked to caress Taiga’s wings, but they were folded tight against Taiga’s back, out of his reach.

Juri sank to his knees, nosing at Taiga’s hipbone. Taiga’s leather pants vanished suddenly, leaving Juri to blink at Taiga’s dick. He’d known demons had big dicks, but Taiga was so pretty and slender he hadn’t expected him to be quite this well endowed. Whistling, Juri grinned up at Taiga. “Hey, I can suck you off, right?”

“You got fangs?” Taiga asked, his voice already half an octave lower than usual. His eyes were glowing pink with arousal, the golden pupils almost completely gone.

Juri grinned wider, showing off his decidedly nondemonic teeth. “No fangs,” he promised. He licked at the tip of Taiga’s dick, tasting the salty precome. Taiga’s dick was surprisingly warm, warmer than the rest of his body. Juri wondered if that meant it was especially unholy, but didn’t bother to ask. He could always ask Kouchi later and make him blush. Even if Kouchi got embarrassed, he’d do the research, since it could be important.

Drawn out teasing was probably not a good idea when blowing a demon, Juri realized quickly. Demons were not especially known for their patience, since patience was a virtue, so Juri sucked Taiga’s dick into his mouth without playing around too much. Taiga’s dick was hot and thick, big enough that Juri really had to apply himself to blow him well. He wrapped his fingers around Taiga’s shaft, stroking what he couldn’t fit in his mouth. Juri usually liked to deepthroat, but he had no intention of risking it with a demon - he had no doubt that if he choked, Taiga would break loose and choke him to death.

Drawing back until only the head remained in his mouth, Juri teased at the tip with his tongue, drawing sweet moans from Taiga. The sweetness of Taiga’s moans was one of the reasons why Juri liked to fuck demons. The more evil, the more powerful they were, the more innocent and pure they sounded during sex.

With a snap of his fingers, Juri summoned one of the bottles of lube he kept on his shelf for just these occasions. Taiga narrowed his eyes, apparently not liking Juri’s assumption that he would bottom, but Juri simply continued to suck Taiga’s dick until Taiga huffed and spread his legs. Juri trailed his fingers up the soft, soft skin of Taiga’s inner thigh. He reached behind Taiga to caress Taiga’s pink tail, startling an adorable squeak that quickly turned into a moan out of Taiga.

Grinning around Taiga’s dick, Juri trailed fingers down the cleft of Taiga’s ass until he reached his hole. Lightly, teasingly, he brushed his fingers over the sensitive, puckered skin until Taiga spread his legs wider, clearly getting impatient. Amused, Juri slicked up his fingers with the lube, then gently pushed the first finger into the demon’s hot, tight ass. Taiga moaned, squeezing tight around Juri’s fingers.

Taiga opened up so easily for him that Juri didn’t bother to tease much. He curled his fingers a couple of times, then quickly added the second, drawing more moans from Taiga. For all his posturing, Taiga seemed to enjoy the penetration a lot - he was already pushing down against Juri’s fingers, trying to get them deeper. Letting Taiga’s dick slip out of his mouth, Juri was about to comment on that, when Taiga suddenly vanished.

Shintaro’s eyes widened. This was not what he’d expected, at all. He’d tried to summon a lower demon, doing everything exactly how it was written in the book, but somehow he’d gotten Taiga. Again. Except this time, Taiga wasn’t wearing leather pants - he was buck naked, his legs were spread and there was lube on his thighs, his arms were still tied by Juri’s light, and Taiga looked even more pissed off than before.

“You!” Taiga yelled, face bright red. The chains around his wrists burst and Taiga’s claws hit the barrier of light separating him from Shintaro.

If the protective circle hadn’t been there, Shintaro had no doubt that Taiga would have ripped his entrails out with his teeth. Jesse whistled, but Kouchi, always the most sensible of them, clamped his hand over Jesse’s mouth before Jesse could get them all killed.

“Uh…” Shintaro began, just a tiny bit intimidated by Taiga’s fury. “I’ll, uhm, go get Juri…”

“And what you’re staring at?” Taiga demanded.

Hokuto blanched at the tone. He’d forgotten that Taiga had eyes on the back of his head and had stared at Taiga’s ass a bit more obviously than he should have.

“Your tail is kind of scary,” Kouchi interrupted, trying to defuse the situation. “Reminds me of an angry tiger…”

Taiga huffed and folded his arms, glaring daggers at Hokuto and Jesse. For Kouchi he had only a disdainful sniff - a magician that powerful shouldn’t be so… nice. It was ridiculous.

The door opened and Juri walked in, Shintaro trailing sheepishly behind him. Juri had lost his shirt somewhere on the way, which, in combination with Juri’s grin, served to switch Taiga’s mood from slaughter to lust once more. He could always slaughter them all afterwards.

“Took you long enough,” Taiga huffed.

Juri stepped into the protective circle and slid his arms around Taiga’s waist. “Hey there. Fancy meeting you here.”

He didn’t leave Taiga any time to grumble, kissing him right away. While they kissed, it was a bit harder than before to keep his tongue away from Taiga’s fangs, but Juri managed. He caressed Taiga’s tail and teased at Taiga’s wings, drinking down his sweet moans.

Only when Taiga was fully hard again did Juri break the kiss. “Lets pick back up where we left off, hm?”

Taiga started to turn around to allow Juri to tie his wrists behind his back, but Juri stopped him. Taiga raised an eyebrow when Juri tied his wrists in front but didn’t object - if Juri wanted to be disembowelled in the middle of sex, who was he to argue?

Back in Juri’s room, Juri pressed against Taiga’s back, kissing the back of Taiga’s neck. Taiga’s hair smelled surprisingly good, not like hellfire and brimstone like lesser demons, but like roses and shampoo. He caressed Taiga’s wings, trailing his hands all over Taiga’s leathery wings until Taiga was almost purring with pleasure.

Juri sat down on his bed and pulled Taiga into his lap, Taiga’s back facing him. He kissed the spot right between Taiga’s wings, then kissed the spot where Taiga’s right wing connected to his body. Juri held his dick steady and Taiga slowly sank down onto it, engulfing Juri in the tight heat of his body.

“Fuck,” Juri cursed, fingers digging into Taiga’s slender hips. Taiga had been tight around his fingers already, but the way Taiga squeezed around his dick was entirely unexpected. He’d heard that demons were hot as hellfire, but he hadn’t realized it would manifest like this.

Taiga took all of Juri’s dick in without much effort. He rolled his hips, squeezing rhythmically, moaning all the while. It had been much too long since he’d last had a nice, big dick inside him - he rarely allowed anyone to top him, since he didn’t trust most other demons not to make fun of him for it. Since Juri would be dead before the night was over, that wasn’t an issue this time. He’d have to make sure to destroy everyone in the building though, since he couldn’t be sure who Juri’s friends had told.

All thoughts of murder and damnation were driven from Taiga’s mind when Juri thrust up, making him bounce. Moaning, Taiga proceeded to ride Juri properly, moving up and down on Juri’s dick with grace. His strong thigh muscles served him well, allowing him to meet Juri’s fast pace. With his tied hands, Taiga’s balance was a bit off, but Juri’s hand on his hip kept him from falling over on some of the more enthusiastic thrusts.

Taiga spread his wings, enjoying Juri’s caresses. Juri was kissing and nibbling on his wings, caressing all the sensitive spots that rarely got attention. Taiga threw his head back, moaning loudly at every single thrust - Juri’s dick was big enough to touch all the right spots inside him, driving him crazy with lust. Every thrust drove him higher and higher, lust and pleasure curling hotly inside him until he was just about ready to boil over.

Juri nudged Taiga’s hips forward just a tiny bit, changing the angle. He continue to move Taiga’s hips minimally, until Taiga outright screamed at a thrust. Smirking, Juri dug his fingers in, holding Taiga’s hips at the angle that got Taiga to make that sound. It didn’t take long at all afterwards for Taiga to come - he squeezed even tighter and shivered, hot come spurting from his untouched dick.

Juri didn’t slow down at all, fucking Taiga through his orgasm. Even after Taiga stopped shaking, Juri continued at a fast pace - he knew that if he wanted to survive until sunrise, he had to keep Taiga constantly distracted and horny. He could see that Taiga had his claws half unsheathed, so he bit down on Taiga’s shoulder and wrapped his fingers around Taiga’s dick, startling a sweet moan out of Taiga.

Juri pumped Taiga’s softening dick, making sure to keep his hips steady so that his dick brushed over Taiga’s prostate at every thrust. He was nearing his limit himself, but he had to get Taiga hard again before he came or he could kiss his ass goodbye. Now that was an idea. Juri grinned widely, winking at the eye on the back of Taiga’s head.

Moaning, Taiga kept his eyes closed, enjoying the movement of Juri’s hard dick inside him. He’d planned to kill Juri as soon as he came, but the hard fucking Juri was delivering felt so good that he didn’t want it to end quite yet. It was rare that he could get such a pounding. The size of Juri’s dick and Juri’s skill worked together perfectly to stimulate him in all the right ways. Juri even remembered to caress his wings and play with his tail occasionally, which humans rarely did.

Taiga was hard again before he quite knew it, too caught up in his pleasure to really pay attention to anything. Juri’s clever fingers felt good around his dick, stimulating him in entirely different ways than the hard dick thrusting into him or Juri’s lips and teeth on his wings.

Nearing his limit, Juri moaned. He knew he had to act fast when he came, had to keep Taiga entertained and distracted. He thrust deep into Taiga, spilling his come into Taiga’s tight body. Before he was even quite done, he pushed Taiga up and forwards, ignoring Taiga’s indignant squeak.

Taiga looked quite cute on his knees and elbows, his tied hands trapped under him and his ass up in the air. Shivering with aftershocks, Juri leaned in and licked at Taiga’s stretched hole, drawing a startled moan from Taiga. He made sure to work Taiga’s hole over properly with his tongue, teasing at the rim and licking inside occasionally.

Claws digging into the sheets, Taiga groaned. Juri’s tongue felt good against his hole, so good. He was all sensitive from getting fucked so hard and his body felt as if it was on fire, pleasure overloading his senses. The pleasure got even more intense when Juri reached around to stroke Taiga’s dick again, the double sensation driving Taiga sheer crazy with lust.

Claws flexing, Taiga shredded the sheets and dug deep gouges into the mattress. His wings fluttered and his tail twitched uncoordinatedly, his hips pushing back against Juri’s mouth, trying to get Juri’s tongue deeper. He could even hear Juri moaning and somehow the sound drove him up even higher - something about the idea of Juri enjoying his ass that much made him wild.

His orgasm washed over him with an unprecedented intensity against which everything else paled. Screaming out his pleasure, Taiga came and came, until the sun’s first morning ray yanked him away all of a sudden, sending him back to hell. Furious, Taiga utterly destroyed his chambers in the hell palace, grinding stone to dust. How could he have forgotten the time like that?

Juri flopped on his back, a pleased grin on his face. That had been exhausting but utterly worth it - demons were usually good in bed, and Taiga had been one of the best fucks he’d ever had. Stretching, he got up to go back to the practice hall to let everyone know he’d survived. He doubted that Shintaro had succeeded at summoning a lesser demon yet, so he looked forward to meeting Taiga again one of these nights.


The head of the exam committee waved his hand at Shintaro. “Your last test is the summoning of a demon of at least level C.”

Swallowing nervously, Shintaro drew the circle and placed the candles. He’d been training for weeks but he’d never gotten this one quite right… but hopefully he’d done well enough on the other tests to pass anyway.

Shintaro chanted the summoning, lighting each candle in turn. The by now familiar pink glow of Taiga’s arrival made him sigh. Another failure.

“You again,” Taiga huffed, rolling his eyes. Taiga’s jeans were stylish but not exactly demonic and Shintaro was almost certain that the shirt Taiga was wearing belonged to Juri. He’d definitely fail his exam, this demon didn’t look scary at all.

The exam head blinked, staring at Taiga. “Speak, demon. What is your name?” he asked, his voice shaking just a little.

Taiga snorted. “I’ve told you guys a million times, I’m Taiga.”

One of the examiners gulped. “The Prince of Hell?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Taiga replied, turning his back on the examiners. “You!” He pointed at Shintaro. “Where’s your slightly less incompetent friend at?”

“Uh, Juri’s waiting outside,” Shintaro replied, still reeling from the “prince of hell” bit. “This is an exam so my friends weren’t allowed to watch.”

Taiga huffed. “Well, go get him. I’m not gonna fuck one of those old farts over there.”


The celebration lasted almost a whole week - Shintaro had passed his exams with distinction since he was the first person in history to summon a level Z demon and survive, while Juri had been awarded a Demon Tamer medal. Drunk as hell, Juri had tied his shiny new medal to his dick, claiming that his dick deserved it more since his dick had done most of the work in taming this particular demon.

Next up is mousapelli
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