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[Team Five]

So this is just self indulgent het abo.

Theirs is a crazy forever kind of love. Jongin remembers his best friend telling him that everyone who falls in love must have a little crazy in them. Jongin hadn’t really understood until he met Minseon. Minseon is the one who brought that crazy to the surface, and it is here to stay.

Sometimes crazy means Jongin whining his way into Minseon’s arms because he’s aching to be coated in her scent, reveling in the way his alpha always understands. And sometimes crazy means Minseon glaring down another alpha who gets too close, too flirty with Jongin who is usually too oblivious to notice that he’s being hit on.

This time, however, crazy means Jongin sitting on the couch, the soft strands of Minseon’s hair curled around his fingers to keep it off her sweaty back as she rocks herself on Jongin’s dick. His free hand is on her waist, thumb pushed to the skin of her back. He watches the way her head tips, the knobs of her spine disappearing as she arches. She’s facing away from him, so he doesn’t get to see the expression of pleasure on her face, but he can feel it in the way she clenches around him, moaning his name.

The whole crazy part about this, other than this being the fourth time they’ve had sex today and it’s only two in the afternoon, is that they’re trying to have a baby. They’re not going into it blind. That’s too crazy. But they’ve talked about it at length. The only thing left to do is for Jongin to get Minseon pregnant.

Minseon sits all the way on Jongin’s cock, rotating her hips. Jongin rocks up into her, sliding his hand up her side until her breast rests in his palm. He squeezes lightly, almost teasing, before moving to her nipple. She tightens around him immediately, letting out a shuddery moan that Jongin echoes.

There is sweat trickling down Jongin’s back and he sticks uncomfortably to the upholstery. He tries his best to keep up with Minseon - with his alpha - but he’s running low on energy. He isn’t in heat, so his stamina isn’t what it usually is for having this much sex all at once. And yet the lust still controls him, urging him to snap his hips faster, listening to the smack of his thighs connecting with Minseon’s delectably plush ass with every thrust.

Her moans get louder, and Jongin tugs a little on her hair.

“Fuck, baby, just like that,” Minseon croons.

Jongin feels a rush of affection and pride mix with the arousal in his veins. He presses harder, slouching to raise his butt off the couch. Minseon’s legs are trembling, but she rests her hands on Jongin’s knees, using the leverage to fuck herself faster, harder. Jongin has the perfect view of Minseon’s ass shaking, the sweat making her skin glisten. She smells like domination, like home, and like everything Jongin has ever desired.

Jongin feels Minseon come, the pressure around his cock pulsing so wonderful that he lets out a strangled cry. Her body clamps so tight as she lifts and drops that it milks Jongin’s orgasm from him. His limbs feel like dead weight, but he doesn’t let go of Minseon. Even though it feels too hot in the room and like his head is about to float off his shoulders, he keeps his hold on his mate. She gently falls back to rest on his chest; Jongin keeps her hair held until she’s settled, finally laying it over the back of the couch so it doesn’t get stuck to her skin.

“That was amazing,” Minseon pants. Her chest is heaving, her breasts moving up and down with each heavy breath. Jongin is a little distracted by them. They’re so perfect. Everything about Minseon is perfect. Jongin slides his hand along Minseon’s stomach, letting it rest there as he pushes his nose to the side of her head. He loves filling his lungs with her scent. It washes over him, makes his instincts come to life with the urge to give all of himself to Minseon.

It’s an urge that he never fights.

Minseon turns her head, smiling at Jongin. She’s stunning, even with her face flush and sweat dotted along her hairline. Jongin kisses her softly. Minseon hums, satisfied, and Jongin kisses her again. He’ll never get enough of her lips, determined to spend the rest of his life kissing her. Minseon lets him. Jongin kisses Minseon soft and languid until they’re calm and sated, ready to take an afternoon nap right where they are.

Jongin doesn’t fight it. If they’re going to be keeping up this pace, he’s going to need all the rest he can get.

You're up elindar
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